Top 10 Things Dogs Eat (Other Than Food)!

Top 10 Things Dogs Eat (Other Than Food)!

Do you know the No. 1 thing dogs eat that they shouldn't? (Hint: it's not your homework!) Find it out and more when you start the slideshow of the top sneaky nonsnacks that often cause choking, surgery, or worse!

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10. Sticks

They're a popular fetch and gnaw toy, but don't let your pups eat them afterward.

9. Hair Ties

I know these are lying all over my house . . . Be careful of rubber bands and hair ties, because pups can accidentally swallow them.

8. Bones

Bones often smell like the food that was once on them. Many are choking hazards or get lodged in a pup's tummy.

7. Corn Cobs

Not just before they're cooked — sometimes dogs think you missed a spot on your already-eaten corn cobs.

6. Chew Toys

What dog doesn't have toys?! But make sure any items with loose or small parts are properly disposed of afterward.

5. Balls

In the mouth for fetching is A-OK, but choose a ball that can't fit down your dog's throat.

4. Rocks

Well, they're round like a ball, but these are not meant to be caught . . . or swallowed.

3. Panty Hose

These can get lodged in your dog's mouth, and he can eat a wadded-up ball of a knee-high, so watch out.

2. Underwear

They're most definitely not food, but some dogs want to eat undies. Umm, gross.

1. Socks

Put a sock in it! The number one item that this vet saw in dogs' tummies was a sock.

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