12 Cool Home Items We Just Found at Nordstrom

12 Cool Home Items We Just Found at Nordstrom

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There are a lot of reasons why we just love shopping at Nordstrom. From its beauty to bag departments, the store is one we're just never tired of browsing. If you haven't already been browsing its growing home selection, then you're missing out. The retailer is releasing more and more pieces that hold a place in your house. From cool brands we already know and love to its own in-house design, there's no shortage of finds we adore right now.

Whether your spring-shopping wish list entails new sheets for a bed refresh or colorful new glassware for hosting, we found it at Nordstrom. Ahead, we curated a list of our favorite new pieces that just might sneak in your virtual shopping cart as well. We're also loving its fun home gadgets too! Keep reading to shop it all.

Pretty-Pots-Iittalla-Nappula-Nappula-Plant-Pot.png Pretty-Pots-Iittalla-Nappula-Nappula-Plant-Pot.png

Iittalla Nappula Nappula Plant Pots

Buy Now Spring-Ready-Candles-Misette-Decoupage-Taper-Candles.webp Spring-Ready-Candles-Misette-Decoupage-Taper-Candles.webp

Misette Decoupage Taper Candles

Buy Now Stylish-Appliance-Fellow-Stagg-EKG-Electric-Kettle.webp

The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle ($189) proves appliances can be stylish. The smart kettle heats up water fast to your ideal temperature with an LED screen and can even hold it at that temperature for up to one hour.


Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Buy Now Colorful-Glasses-Estelle-Colored-Glass-Martini-Glasses.webp Colorful-Glasses-Estelle-Colored-Glass-Martini-Glasses.webp

Estelle Colored Glass Martini Glasses

Buy Now Unique-Lamp-Wooj-Design-Standard-Wavy-Lamp.webp

Make any side table feel like new with the cool Wooj Design Standard Wavy Lamp ($130). The unique design comes in both a black and green choice for the base.


Wooj Design Standard Wavy Lamp

Buy Now Gingham-Sheets-Morrow-Soft-Goods-Heirloom-Linen-Sheets.png Gingham-Sheets-Morrow-Soft-Goods-Heirloom-Linen-Sheets.png

Morrow Soft Goods Heirloom Linen Sheets

Buy Now Outdoor-Plates-Rachel-Parcell-Melamine-Dinner-Plates-Set.webp

Melamine plates are the best for outdoor dining because they won't easily break and are easy to clean. We vote for the Rachel Parcell Melamine Dinner Plates Set ($98) because the edging design is just so cute.


Rachel Parcell Melamine Dinner Plates Set

Buy Now Sleep-Helper-Hatch-Reading-Light-Sound-Machine-Sunrise-Alarm-Clock.png Sleep-Helper-Hatch-Reading-Light-Sound-Machine-Sunrise-Alarm-Clock.png

Hatch Reading Light, Sound Machine & Sunrise Alarm Clock

Buy Now Nonstick-Pans-Green-Pan-Padova-Ceramic-Frying-Pans.webp

Upgrade your cookware collection with the Green Pan Padova Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pans ($100 for two). Not only are they cute with the pastel finish and gold handle, but the nonstick design is made with quality materials that'll last.


Green Pan Padova Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pans

Buy Now For-Bathroom-Bania-Josephine-Organic-Cotton-Hand-Towel.webp For-Bathroom-Bania-Josephine-Organic-Cotton-Hand-Towel.webp

Bania Josephine Organic Cotton Hand Towel

Buy Now Whole-New-Kitchen-Material-Iconics-Essential-Kitchen-Tools.webp

If your kitchen utensils and knives are old and mismatched, give it a full upgrade with the Material The Iconics Essential Kitchen Tools ($275). This sleek set has all you need and is stylish enough to put on display. It comes in other colors and wood finishes too, so you can get the one that most matches your space.


Material The Iconics Essential Kitchen Tools

Buy Now Fresh-Smell-Harlem-Candle-Company-Renaissance-Langston-Luxury-Candle.webp Fresh-Smell-Harlem-Candle-Company-Renaissance-Langston-Luxury-Candle.webp

Harlem Candle Company Renaissance Langston Luxury Candle

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