HomeGoods's Viral Ghost Pillow Now Comes in 4 Colors, Including Purple

HomeGoods's Viral Ghost Pillow Now Comes in 4 Colors, Including Purple

In case you missed it, HomeGoods has already started rolling out Halloween decor at its stores, and shoppers are determined to snag the most coveted items. In particular, dedicated decor enthusiasts are on the hunt for — and some have even successfully nabbed — the wildly popular ghost pillows from last year.

The ghost pillows come in a variety of facial expressions, and were previously available in white, blush pink, and hot pink. According to several eagle-eyed social media users, it seems all three colors are back at HomeGoods stores, along with a new light purple style. From the brand Novogratz, the fluffy sherpa cushions cost around $20 to $25 depending on the location, though sellers on eBay and Mercari have listed them for more than double the price tag.

Though TikTokers first began spotting the viral items in June, more and more have reported seeing them in mid-July as stores continue to stock their shelves. Along with the popular pillows, shoppers have discovered the TikTok-favorite ghost blanket is also back at HomeGoods.

With so many sightings of the pink and purple cushions, several TikTok users declared the arrival of "Pinkoween." Perhaps the upcoming "Barbie" film and subsequent Barbiecore trend has inspired the home decor retailer to stock up. Regardless, scour your local HomeGoods location if you're hoping to find a ghost pillow of your own.

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