16 Halloween Party Games and Ideas For Adults

16 Halloween Party Games and Ideas For Adults

For kids, Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, but for adults, Halloween parties are the star of the show. Just dressing up in your scariest costume and getting together is fun enough, but what really makes an Oct. 31 party shine are the Halloween party games for adults. There are so many adult Halloween games and Halloween activities for adults that can make a party truly memorable — from classics like charades (with a spooky twist) to Oct. 31 specials like a costume contest.

But between throwing together the perfect DIY costume or a seamless group costume for three, finalizing the guest list, and cooking up some evil-looking treats, you may not have time to come up with a list of Halloween party games for adults. So we created this list of fun adult Halloween games. Some require a little prep ahead of time, but others can be pulled together with no forethought or planning whenever there's a slow moment in your Halloween get-together. (And just in case you're having a mixed-generation party, there are a few games in the mix that are OK to play with kids, too.)

One pro tip to anyone planning on playing Halloween party games this Oct. 31: make sure your Halloween costume comes with an appropriate game face.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes, Lauren Harano, Melissa Santoyo, and Mirel Zaman

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