12 Printable Halloween Coloring Pages For Adults

12 Printable Halloween Coloring Pages For Adults

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The spooky season is upon us, and if you're like us and can't wait for Halloween any longer, get a head start with these freakishly fun Halloween coloring pages for adults. There's something about sitting down, being creative, and playing with colors that can soothe you like no other (especially when it's paired with a delicious cup of cider). Halloween is a holiday that allows us adults to embrace our inner child, whether it's decorating our homes, coming up with the perfect costume, or indulging in some delicious treats, so why not add coloring to that list? Plus, coloring can help reduce stress and anxiety by allowing you to focus on the present moment and engage in mindfulness.

We rounded up the best adult halloween coloring pages that you can download and doodle on, all in the comfort of your home. Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with designs featuring everything from skeletons and pumpkins to creepy ghouls and witches, and so much more. You can even deck out a haunted house and let your imagination run wild. No need to stay on theme with orange and black, break out the colors and add a vibrant flair to the mischievous nights. You can shop the coolest Halloween-themed printable coloring pages ahead.

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Creepy Monsters Coloring Pages for Adults ($6)

Featuring 300 of the cutest little monsters, this set of coloring pages will surely entertain you. Each of these expressive monsters have plenty of fun little details you can color in, whether its their beady eyes, crooked teeth, or unruly fur. There's an array of ones that lean more cute or others that are more creepy and horrifying.


Creepy Monsters Coloring Pages for Adults

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Spooky Halloween Coloring Page ($2)

If you're looking for something cute and simple, this one is a great way to start. It's got all the quintessential Halloween themes; we're talking skeleton hands, potions, candy corn, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and ghost cats too. You can download this and color digitally on your tablet or print it out for a more physical feel.


Spooky Halloween Coloring Page

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Trick or Treat Yourself to 80 Halloween Coloring Pages ($3)

With 80 designs to choose from, this set will keep you entertained with all of its Halloween goodness. Featuring jack-0-lanterns, ghosts, and graveyards galore, this set is perfect for those who love to spend their free time coloring. It's also got some familiar faces you'll surely recognize if you're a horror fan, including Freddy Krueger and Jigsaw.


Trick or Treat Yourself to 80 Halloween Coloring Pages

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20 Halloween House Coloring Pages ($2, originally $6)

Looking to bring your love for architecture and design into your coloring moments? This collection of haunted houses lets you create your own spooky neighborhood. Bring them to life with vibrant colors or keep it creepy with dark tones and shading techniques, either way, you'll have so much fun getting creative with this set.


20 Halloween House Coloring Pages

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Printable Halloween Coloring Pages ($5)

Witches, Frankenstein's monster, and scarecrows oh my! This set of Halloween coloring pages is filled with familiar spooky characters that have a playful, animated look that's friendly and not creepy. You get six pages featuring a skeleton and a vampire as well.


Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

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70 Halloween Sugar Skull Seasonal Coloring Activity ($7)

If you adore the mesmerizing patterns of sugar skulls, this collection has around 70 patterns and designs to color. These intricate styles have a mandala-like pattern that helps to ease and relax the mind as well. You can get creative and go the more colorful route or use a color palette for a cohesive look.


70 Halloween Sugar Skull Seasonal Coloring Activity

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Pumpkin Coloring Page for Adults ($2)

If you're looking for something that's detailed and beautiful, this pumpkin is something you'll love coloring. It features a zen tangle-inspired design that keeps your mind present. You can also color this digitally as well on programs like Procreate.


Pumpkin Coloring Page for Adults

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Spells and Potions Coloring Pages ($4)

Feeling a little witchy this season? Perhaps these designs featuring potions, spells, mushrooms, and crystals galore are more your speed. These coloring pages are perfect for the one who has a bewitching vibe and a curosity for witchcraft; it pairs well with a manifestation session as well.


Spells and Potions Coloring Pages

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Pretty Creepy: Boo-tiful Designs for Coloring/Printable ($8)

If you're looking for something that is multifaceted, get this set which features a wide array of Halloween-themed pages; we're talking 15 designs in both a black and plain white background. This set of coloring pages can be printed out for coloring pen on paper style, or you can color digitally if you have a tablet.


Pretty Creepy: Boo-tiful Designs for Coloring/Printable

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Hocus Pocus Coloring Pages ($5)

If you're obsessed with "Hocus Pocus" like we are, this pack of 10 color pages celebrates your love for the Sanderson sisters. The set not only features the characters from the movies, but also a few iconic quotes. You might as well pop in the movie and color along with a cozy drink and yummy snacks.

Hocus-Pocus-Coloring-Pages.jpg Halloween-Coloring-Pages-For-Adults-That-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-Themed.webp

35 Pages of Coloring With Jack and Sally ($3)

This "Nightmare Before Christmas"-inspired set is perfect for those who adore all things Disney. Featuring 35 pages of designs, you'll have plenty of pages to color including characters like Oogie Boogie Man, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, and of course Jack and Sally. This is ideal of anyone who also wants a head start on Christmas.


35 Pages of Coloring With Jack and Sally

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Halloween Mandala Coloring Pages ($4)

If you love the relaxation and mindfulness that comes with coloring mandala designs, this set of eight Halloween-themed pages is perfect for you. Each one features pumpkins, skulls, bats, stars and moons, caskets, and other spooky goodness integrated into the print. Color each and every intricate pattern with markers, crayons, and colored pencils; whatever your heart desires.


Halloween Mandala Coloring Pages

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