The 8 Best Sofas You Can Shop at Target - From Sectionals to Loveseats

The 8 Best Sofas You Can Shop at Target - From Sectionals to Loveseats

We love shopping at Target for pretty much anything, but to no one's surprise, the retailer also has a seriously great selection of sofas worth considering. If you're in the market for a new comfortable couch or a deep sectional, then we're here to show you the very best options that Target has to offer. Whether your wishlist entails a cloud-like silhouette that you can spend your day endlessly lounging on or you want a functional sleeper model for guests, there's no shortage of finds. The hard part is narrowing in on exactly what you want, so don't forget to think about the qualities and features that'll support your household. Ahead, we break down the things you should be looking for to find the best sofas from Target.

What to Look For When Buying a Couch from Target

There are a lot of qualifications to consider when shopping for the perfect sofa — number one being the shape. There are straight-across three-seaters you can never go wrong with, lounge-worthy sectionals, and even more space-saving loveseats. This all depends on your room, so don't forget to measure your space and get down to inches. Thinking about the measurements will be most important.

After you know what size you need, you can start to think about style. Are you looking for something minimal and modern? Or maybe something more midcentury modern? The material also plays a key role. Do you have kids or are you a pet-owner? Then you might want to opt for durable polyester couch that's easy to clean, rather than something velvet. Lastly, the price is always important. Target has a great selection of affordable options and also investment pieces.

Ahead, we curated a list of the eight couches we would totally buy and why. Keep reading to shop our picks for the best couches from Target.

— Additional Reporting by Krista Jones

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