Becky G's Erewhon Smoothie Is the Perfect Homage to Horchata - Here's How to DIY It

Becky G's Erewhon Smoothie Is the Perfect Homage to Horchata - Here's How to DIY It


Wake up, babes; a new Erewhon smoothie just dropped. Erewhon Market, the upscale grocery store chain in LA famous for its Instagrammable smoothies, has previously partnered with big names like Hailey Bieber and Jay Shetty to create custom smoothies in their likeness. (For example, Bieber's strawberry-glaze smoothie is chock-full of ingredients that support her famously glowing skin.) Their latest release is with singer and actress Becky G, who just launched her own smoothie, Becky G's Swirl-Chata, on Aug. 15.

Becky G describes the smoothie as "the perfect homage to the traditional horchata." In the month that it's available at Erewhon Market, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Just Keep Livin' Foundation and Justice for Migrant Women. And it gets better — we haven't even told you about the smoothie yet.

Horchata is a sweet, milky drink that's thought to have originated in Northern Africa, later becoming popular in Spain and Mexico, according to the Food Network. It's made with rice, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon — and this smoothie does it justice, plus adds health benefits to boot. It's made with a blend of almond milk, freshly made rice milk, and coconut water, plus bananas, dates, vanilla-coconut collagen, and cinnamon. As if that didn't sound delicious enough, it also gets topped with homemade "superfood" caramel and coconut cream.