Shop Costco's New 6-Foot Punk Rocker Skeleton Before He Goes on Tour

Shop Costco's New 6-Foot Punk Rocker Skeleton Before He Goes on Tour

Punk isn't dead just yet. In honor of the upcoming spooky season, Costco is rolling out a new life-size punk rocker skeleton. The enormous animatronic stands at a full six feet tall (not counting its bright red mohawk), with red light-up eyes, and a gravestone reimagined as an electric guitar. Dressed in a spiky purple vest and combat boots, the motion sensor activated skeleton plays music and speaks to unsuspecting concertgoers and trick-or-treaters alike. To make its killer performance even more realistic, this Halloween home decor is also capable of head and jaw movement, with its right hand moving to shred the strings on its guitar.

According to fans on TikTok, the party doesn't stop there. Punk rock skeleton apparently talks in a British accent, harkening back to the 1970s punk rock scene in the UK. Characterized by bands like the Sex Pistols, Costco's latest skeleton is truly a rebel at heart, with its own music mainly consisting of ghostly puns. "Tonight, the dead will rise to shred your souls. But we're just here to shred the guitar," he sang in one video. "Is it just me, or does the crowd seem a little dead tonight?"

Costco has previously rolled out similar musical animatronics, including two dueling banjo skeletons, but this one is arguably the biggest and best yet. TikTok users were also excited to discover the rocker was multilingual, with a Spanish, French, and maniacal-laughter-only mode. The skeleton, which is currently listed on the Costco website for $160, comes with a timer and can be used indoors or outdoors via power cord.

Read on to see this punk rock skeleton in action, and shop your own below.

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