What Is Your Zodiac Signature? 1 Astrologer Weighs In on the Latest TikTok Term

What Is Your Zodiac Signature? 1 Astrologer Weighs In on the Latest TikTok Term


The magical and nuanced world of astrology seems to always be evolving, and the concept of a zodiac signature, aka TikTok's latest astrological trend, is proof that there's always something new to learn. But what is a zodiac signature? And why are you seeing it all over TikTok?

According to some astrologers on the social media app, your sun and rising signs aren't the only key astrological elements in your birth chart that define you. Apparently, it's your zodiac signature, too. Your zodiac signature takes into account the average of all of the planets in your birth chart, and it actually says a lot more about your personality than anything else in your birth chart, some astrologers say.

In astrology, your sun sign is what you look for when you thumb through to the horoscope section. It's defined as your core personality and the traits that people most recognize you by. Your rising sign, on the other hand, is the way you express your flow of energy to the world. These are two out of the three signs that make up your big three, which basically summarizes your key personality traits. Per TikTok astrologers, however, you should also consider the mean of your entire birth chart.

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"What defines you the most is your zodiac signature," astrologer Joshua Pingley says in a now-viral TikTok video. But does averaging your chart really take precedence over your sun and rising sign? POPSUGAR spoke to astrologer Lauren Ash to look more into what your zodiac signature is and how important it is compared to the rest of your birth chart.


No, your sun and rising signs do NOT inherently define you. Let’s talk about the SIGNATURE sign…