This Albany Park Sectional Is the Comfiest Sofa on the Internet - and It's on Sale

This Albany Park Sectional Is the Comfiest Sofa on the Internet - and It's on Sale

Finding furniture that's both comfortable and stylish is next to impossible. Enter Albany Park, a brand that's making all my lounging dreams come true with couches and sofas that are beautiful to look at as well as enjoyable to lounge around on all day long. Albany Park is currently hosting a major sales event that features deals across a number of the brand's bestselling models — including the Kova Sectional, which is one of my personal favorites.

Albany Park was kind enough to send me this sectional to try out firsthand, and I can't tell you how much I honestly, truly love it. I never want to leave it. In fact, I'm writing this article while sitting on it at this very moment. My boyfriend and I spend our nights sprawled out on this sectional (because yes, there's plenty of room for both of us to completely lie down if we want) — it's perfect for binging hours of a show, taking a nap, or working from home. We can even move the ottoman to the center of the couch if we want more of a bed-style way of relaxing.

Beyond the comfort level, this design is incredibly well-made; the quality of the structure and fabric is impressive. When the boxes arrived, it took us about 30 minutes in total to build the sofa and have it completely put together. Locking in each piece is quite simple, and I like that if we decide we want to make it even bigger, we can purchase more pieces.

I'm sure you have plenty of additional questions, so ahead is a breakdown of all the details, as well as more photos of my new sectional. Keep reading to find out more.

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