13 Target Candles to Make Your Whole House Smell Like Summer

13 Target Candles to Make Your Whole House Smell Like Summer

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Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine you're in a tropical paradise. What does that smell like to you? Blooming bergamot and bougainvillea? Driftwood and salt air? Fresh coconut, pineapple, or perhaps a pitcher of watermelon margaritas?

If you said any — or all — of those things, you're in luck, and it won't even take a plane ticket to actually get there. Target has a bunch of summery candles that can transport you on the trip of your dreams, and they start at just $6. Check out our favorites below, and see which one will be sending you straight on your next vacation.

— Additional reporting by Morgan Ashley Parker


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing smells of the Tinted Salt Finish Glass Candle ($10). The candle's lavender and tonka bean scent, which lasts 30 hours, is bound to give your home a calming atmosphere.


Tinted Salt Finish Glass Candle

Buy Now Ombre-Candle-Ombre-Oval-Candle-Poolside-Breeze.jpg

Made from a blend of palm wax and paraffin wax, the Ombre Oval Candle Poolside Breeze ($10) is infused with amber, coconut, and woodsy scents to give your home the smell of a poolside breeze. The two-wick candle has a 35-hour burn time.


Ombre Oval Candle Poolside Breeze

Buy Now Tropical-Candle-Lidded-Glass-Jar-3-Wick-Candle.jpg

Not only will the Lidded Glass Jar 3-Wick Candle ($10) bring a tropical scent into your home, but its glass jar will give off the perfect summer vibe. If you close your eyes, you may even be fooled into thinking you're at the beach.


Lidded Glass Jar 3-Wick Candle

Buy Now Fruity-Candle-Lidded-Glass-Jar-Pineapple-Splash-Candle.jpg

The Lidded Glass Jar Pineapple Splash Candle ($10) has a sun-colored vase that will warm up any room of your home, pun intended. Its refreshing pineapple, fruit, and tropical scents set the perfect summer ambiance.


Lidded Glass Jar Pineapple Splash Candle

Buy Now Fresh-Smelling-Candle-Hearth-Hand-Lemon-Pie-Tonal-Ceramic-Candle.jpg

The blend of coconut and lemon that the Hearth & Hand Lemon Pie Tonal Ceramic Candle ($15-$25) gives off will immediately brighten your day. Its ceramic exterior mixes well with almost all decor schemes, making this the perfect home addition.


Hearth & Hand Lemon Pie Tonal Ceramic Candle

Buy Now Mosquito-Repelling-Candle-Citronella-Mint-Concrete-Candle.jpg

Not only will this Citronella & Mint Concrete Candle ($20) keep mosquitos away, but its cream-colored vase will suit any room of your house. The pack of four can be placed anywhere you'd like, including your patio.


Citronella & Mint Concrete Candle

Buy Now Crackling-Candle-Lidded-Glass-Jar-Cabana-Dreams-Candle.jpg Crackling-Candle-Lidded-Glass-Jar-Cabana-Dreams-Candle.jpg

Lidded Glass Jar Cabana Dreams Candle

Buy Now Beachy-Candle-Ceramic-Candle-Sea-Salt-Coconut-Cream.jpg

If you love the smell of the beach, this Ceramic Candle Sea Salt Coconut Cream ($15) embodies it. Its sea salt and coconut scent will fill your home with summery vibes, and its three wicks allow for a 50-hour burn time.


Ceramic Candle Sea Salt Coconut Cream

Buy Now Ceramic-Candle-Hearth-Hand-Wildflowers-Fluted-Ceramic-Candle.jpg Ceramic-Candle-Hearth-Hand-Wildflowers-Fluted-Ceramic-Candle.jpg

Hearth & Hand Wildflowers Fluted Ceramic Candle

Buy Now Earthy-Candle-Ceramic-Candle-With-Exposed-Bottom.jpg

The Ceramic Candle With Exposed Bottom ($15) has a gorgeous black container that will complement white furniture and decor. Its oakmoss and vetiver scents give off an earthy aroma that smells like the countryside.


Ceramic Candle With Exposed Bottom

Buy Now Paradise-Candle-Lidded-Glass-Jar-Hibiscus-Lime-Candle.jpg

Your home will smell like a tropical vacation with the Lidded Glass Jar Hibiscus Lime Candle ($10). The melon and sugarcane candle is infused with essential oils that give off the familiar smell of paradise.


Lidded Glass Jar Hibiscus Lime Candle

Buy Now Driftwood-Candle-Lidded-Glass-Jar-Sun-Kissed-Sands-Candle.jpg Driftwood-Candle-Lidded-Glass-Jar-Sun-Kissed-Sands-Candle.jpg

Lidded Glass Jar Sun Kissed Sands Candle

Buy Now Citrus-Candle-Hearth-Hand-Golden-Hour-Fluted-Ceramic-Candle.jpg Citrus-Candle-Hearth-Hand-Golden-Hour-Fluted-Ceramic-Candle.jpg

Hearth & Hand Golden Hour Fluted Ceramic Candle

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