15 Christmas Ornaments That Exhibit 2020 and 2021's Ultimate Accessory: Face Masks

15 Christmas Ornaments That Exhibit 2020 and 2021's Ultimate Accessory: Face Masks

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We're always looking to add creative ornaments to our Christmas trees. And in the spirit of both 2020 and 2021, our trees wouldn't be complete without ornaments featuring the past two years' most essential items: toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and, of course, face masks. Whether it's Santa, the snowman in your front yard, or Dasher, Prancer, or Vixen, everyone (still) needs to mask up this holiday season, including your ornaments. Shop the gallery ahead for the cutest COVID Christmas ornaments, face-mask ornaments, and more.

— Additional reporting by Theresa Massony


Customize these Covid Vaccine Personalized Ornaments ($15) with your family member's name, as well as your family name. For an additional price, you can add up to seven family members.


Covid Vaccine Personalized Ornaments

Buy Now Personalized-Reindeer-Mask-Christmas-Ornament.jpg Personalized-Reindeer-Mask-Christmas-Ornament.jpg

Personalized Reindeer Mask Christmas Ornament

Buy Now Snowman-With-Mask-Christmas-Ornament.jpg Snowman-With-Mask-Christmas-Ornament.jpg

Snowman With Mask Christmas Ornament

Buy Now 2020-Coronavirus-Ornament.jpg

Although it's 2021, none of us will ever forget the year 2020. Have a small decorating get-together with your loved ones or friends and paint a wood 2020 Coronavirus Ornament ($10) at home.

2020-Coronavirus-Ornament.jpg Santa-Wearing-Face-Mask-Ornament.jpg Santa-Wearing-Face-Mask-Ornament.jpg

Santa Wearing a Face Mask Ornament

Buy Now Grinch-Face-Mask-Christmas-Ornament.jpg Grinch-Face-Mask-Christmas-Ornament.jpg

Grinch Face Mask Christmas Ornament

Buy Now Old-World-Christmas-Santa-With-Face-Mask-Blown-Glass-Ornament.jpg Old-World-Christmas-Santa-With-Face-Mask-Blown-Glass-Ornament.jpg

Blown Glass Old World Christmas Santa With Face Mask Ornament

Buy Now 2021-Funny-Red-White-Santa-Claus-Ornament.jpg 2021-Funny-Red-White-Santa-Claus-Ornament.jpg

Red and White Santa Claus Ornament

Buy Now Petcee-2021-Face-Mask-Quarantine-Christmas-Tree-Ornaments.jpg Petcee-2021-Face-Mask-Quarantine-Christmas-Tree-Ornaments.jpg

Petcee 2021 Face Mask Christmas Tree Ornament

Buy Now MaikcQ-2021-Santa-Claus-Wearing-Face-Mask-Ornament.jpg MaikcQ-2021-Santa-Claus-Wearing-Face-Mask-Ornament.jpg

Santa Claus Wearing a Face Mask Ornament

Buy Now 2021-Quarantine-Year-to-Remember-Christmas.jpg 2021-Quarantine-Year-to-Remember-Christmas.jpg

2021 Quarantine Year to Remember Christmas Ornament

Buy Now 2021-Christmas-Ornament-With-Face-Mask.jpg 2021-Christmas-Ornament-With-Face-Mask.jpg

2021 Christmas Ornament With Face Mask

Buy Now 2021-Mini-Personalized-Face-Mask-Ornaments.jpg 2021-Mini-Personalized-Face-Mask-Ornaments.jpg

2021 Mini Personalized Face Mask Ornaments

Buy Now Face-Mask-Gnome-Covid-Ornament.jpg Face-Mask-Gnome-Covid-Ornament.jpg

Face Mask Gnome Covid Ornament

Buy Now christmas-ornaments-with-face-masks.jpg

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