15 Stylish Planters That Will Make Your Plants Look Met Gala Ready - All on Amazon

15 Stylish Planters That Will Make Your Plants Look Met Gala Ready - All on Amazon

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If you're a plant parent with a knack for home decor, Amazon has a ton of stylish planters perfect for your aesthetic. Whether you are into a glamorous gold finish, sleek and modern geometric lines, a natural vibe featuring terracotta and bamboo, or something totally out of the ordinary, we rounded up the coolest planters on the site. It's time to ditch those dull, plastic pots for something that will make your plants shine. Keep your indoor garden flourishing and looking absolutely fabulous in these decor-inspired planters.

For-Pop-Color-Potey-Vintage-Yellow-Cement-Planter-with-Leaf-Embossment.jpg For-Pop-Color-Potey-Vintage-Yellow-Cement-Planter-with-Leaf-Embossment.jpg

Potey Vintage Yellow Cement Planter with Leaf Embossment

Buy Now Head-Turning-Planters-Frozzur-Irregular-Modern-Head-Busts-Planters.jpg Head-Turning-Planters-Frozzur-Irregular-Modern-Head-Busts-Planters.jpg

Frozzur Irregular Modern Head Busts Planters

Buy Now For-Natural-Element-Woven-Basket-Planter.jpg

Add a natural element to your decor with this Woven Basket Planter ($14 for two). It will brighten up a space with it's cozy vibe. You can even use these as storage baskets.

For-Natural-Element-Woven-Basket-Planter.jpg Glam-Find-Small-Mid-Century-Style-Metal-Indoor-Planter.jpg Glam-Find-Small-Mid-Century-Style-Metal-Indoor-Planter.jpg

Small Mid Century Style Metal Indoor Planter

Buy Now Self-Watering-Modern-Blue-Planters.jpg

The Self Watering Modern Blue Planters ($22 for three) is a must-have if you often forget to consistently water your plant babies. The pale blue is such a gorgeous color that will look great on a desk, side table, or even a window sil.


Self Watering Modern Blue Planters

Buy Now For-Golden-Accent-Modern-Gold-Brushed-Cement-Planters-Pots.jpg For-Golden-Accent-Modern-Gold-Brushed-Cement-Planters-Pots.jpg

Modern Gold-Brushed Cement Planters Pots

Buy Now Geometric-Vibe-Umbra-Trigg-Geometric-Planter.jpg

The Umbra Trigg Geometric Planter ($19, originally $35 for two) is perfect for your desk or as a statement wall piece. The geometric design is a great way to add a contemporary touch to your decor.


Umbra Trigg Geometric Planter

Buy Now Natural-Element-Bloomingville-Round-Bamboo-Floor-Baskets-with-Wood-Legs.jpg Natural-Element-Bloomingville-Round-Bamboo-Floor-Baskets-with-Wood-Legs.jpg

Bloomingville Round Bamboo Floor Baskets with Wood Legs

Buy Now For-Metallic-Moment-Rivet-Rustic-Stoneware-Crosshatch-Planter.jpg For-Metallic-Moment-Rivet-Rustic-Stoneware-Crosshatch-Planter.jpg

Rivet Rustic Stoneware Crosshatch Planter

Buy Now For-Colorful-Moment-Rivet-Modern-Colorful-Stoneware-Garden-Planter-Flower-Pot-Set.jpg For-Colorful-Moment-Rivet-Modern-Colorful-Stoneware-Garden-Planter-Flower-Pot-Set.jpg

Rivet Modern Colorful Stoneware Garden Planter Flower Pot Set

Buy Now Rustic-White-Moment-Dawn-Cylinder-Planters.jpg

Add these Dawn Cylinder Planters ($25 for three) to give your space a rustic vibe. The muted color allows for your plants to truly pop.

Rustic-White-Moment-Dawn-Cylinder-Planters.jpg Whimsical-Find-YFFSRJDJ-Iridescent-Ceramic-Planters.jpg Whimsical-Find-YFFSRJDJ-Iridescent-Ceramic-Planters.jpg

YFFSRJDJ Iridescent Ceramic Planters

Buy Now Gold-Moment-Vintage-Golden-Painted-Cement-Planter-with-Rhombus-Embossed-Pattern.jpg Gold-Moment-Vintage-Golden-Painted-Cement-Planter-with-Rhombus-Embossed-Pattern.jpg

Vintage Golden Painted Cement Planter with Rhombus Embossed Pattern

Buy Now Classic-Terracotta-with-Twist-Terracotta-Plant-Pots-With-Line-Pattern-Design.jpg Classic-Terracotta-with-Twist-Terracotta-Plant-Pots-With-Line-Pattern-Design.jpg

Terracotta Plant Pots With Line Pattern Design

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