19 Halloween Costumes That Incorporate Face Masks So You Can Creep It Real (and Safe) This Year

19 Halloween Costumes That Incorporate Face Masks So You Can Creep It Real (and Safe) This Year

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Navigating how to dress for Halloween can be a bit tricky if you're wearing a face mask, but we do what we gotta do to keep ourselves and others safe! Whether you're gathering with friends and family at an outdoor event, hosting a movie night, or doing some sort of trick-or-treat activity, there's no shortage of face masks that are safe, festive, and incorporate perfectly into costumes! From decorative masks that work as stand-alone costumes themselves to masks with Halloween patterns that'll make your existing costume pop, we've gathered the very best (and most creative!) masks to wear this year, ahead.

Scary-Stitched-Mouth-Face-Mask.jpg Scary-Stitched-Mouth-Face-Mask.jpg

Scary Stitched Mouth Face Mask

Buy Now Winifred-Sanderson-Hocus-Pocus-Spooky-Illusion-Face-Mask.jpg Winifred-Sanderson-Hocus-Pocus-Spooky-Illusion-Face-Mask.jpg

Winifred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Spooky Illusion Face Mask

Buy Now Hocus-Pocus-Sarah-Sanderson-Face-Mask.jpg Hocus-Pocus-Sarah-Sanderson-Face-Mask.jpg

Hocus Pocus Sarah Sanderson Face Mask

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Forget the hours of work put into your face makeup and try out this Pop Art Face Mask ($19) instead.

Pop-Art-Face-Mask.jpg Dalmatian-Face-Mask-Dog-Ears-Headband.jpg Dalmatian-Face-Mask-Dog-Ears-Headband.jpg

Dalmatian Face Mask and Dog Ears Headband

Buy Now Moira-Rose-Schitt-Creek-Face-Mask.jpg Moira-Rose-Schitt-Creek-Face-Mask.jpg

Moira Rose Schitt's Creek Face Mask

Buy Now Matching-Bucket-Hat-Face-Mask.jpg Matching-Bucket-Hat-Face-Mask.jpg

Matching Bucket Hat and Face Mask

Buy Now Gaming-Lovers-Cotton-Face-Mask.jpg Gaming-Lovers-Cotton-Face-Mask.jpg

Gaming Lovers Cotton Face Mask

Buy Now Kevin-Home-Alone-Face-Mask.jpg Kevin-Home-Alone-Face-Mask.jpg

Kevin! Home Alone Face Mask

Buy Now 90s-Jazz-Wave-Accordion-Face-Mask.jpg 90s-Jazz-Wave-Accordion-Face-Mask.jpg

'90s Jazz Wave Accordion Face Mask

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