23 Amazon Gifts For Interior Decor–Lovers and Homebodies Alike

23 Amazon Gifts For Interior Decor–Lovers and Homebodies Alike

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If you have someone in your life who loves spending time cozying up at home, consider your birthday and holiday shopping to be easy. Why? Because we searched for the best home gifts for all the homebodies out there, and to make it even easier, we turned to Amazon. Not only does the site have thousands of amazing gift options, but they're all so affordable too. No matter if they're in need of dishware for nights spent hosting guests or a new pajama set for lounging on the couch, there's a gift idea that's bound to satisfy every tween, teen, and adult you know.

Ahead, we curated a list of everything a hostess, home decor enthusiast, or homebody could want. (And made sure it was versatile enough for all interiors.) From functional items like cheeseboards for the hostess to practical options like weighted blankets for the person who loves to be cozy and even fun gadgets like a mini projector for a movie night — the options on Amazon are endless. Keep reading to shop all these items and cross off everyone on your list.

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They'll want to spend all season snuggled up in this Bourina Throw Textured Blanket ($20). The blanket comes in over 20 color options to best suit their space. It's made of quality acrylic that's super comfortable and soft to cozy up with, and can be machine washed whenever it needs a cleaning.


Bourina Throw Textured Blanket

Buy Now Dining-Set-Le-Tauci-Matte-Glaze-Dinnerware-Set.jpg

Upgrade their kitchen with this Le Tauci Matte Glaze Dinnerware Set ($32). The set comes with a mug, a bowl, and two plates making it a great gift for someone who's single or lives with one other person. It's available in blue and green color options as well.


Le Tauci Matte Glaze Dinnerware Set

Buy Now Minimal-Alarm-Clock-WulaWindy-Digital-Alarm-Clock.jpg

Get this WulaWindy Digital Alarm Clock ($10) for your friend with minimal taste. The clock can show the date, time, and temperature with an LED light display. Its compact size is great for placing on a nightstand and the brightness can be adjusted so it doesn't wake them up.


WulaWindy Digital Alarm Clock

Buy Now For-Moving-Nights-Mini-Projector.jpg

Movie nights will be so much better with the help of this Mini Projector ($75). The projector is compatible with Androids, iPhones, and TV sticks, as well as PS3, PS4, and other audio and video equipment. It's portable and comes with stereo speakers for a sound that can fill the room.

For-Moving-Nights-Mini-Projector.jpg Cozy-Gift-Natural-Scented-Soy-Candle.jpg

Not only does this Natural Scented Soy Candle ($15) smell amazing, but it's also made with non-toxic ingredients. It makes a great gift for someone who loves interior decor or is a homebody. The candle's scent can fill up a room in a matter of minutes and has a burn time of 45 hours.

Cozy-Gift-Natural-Scented-Soy-Candle.jpg For-Hostess-Bambusi-Premium-Bamboo-Cheese-Board-Set.jpg

Someone who loves hosting will enjoy this Bambusi Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set ($49, originally $80). The bamboo board is an Amazon best seller and comes with knives, a wine opener, and a carrying bag. We love its grooved edges, which are perfect for holding crackers.


Bambusi Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set

$49 from amazon.com

$80 $49 Now 39% off

from amazon.com

Buy Now Elegant-Accent-Cork-Mill-Marble-Coasters-for-Drinks.jpg

This luxe Cork & Mill Marble Coasters for Drinks ($28) prevents rings and looks so stylish. It makes an elegant accent in the home and will protect their furniture's surfaces from damage and unwanted moisture. The coasters come in a set of six and are perfect for those who have visitors often.


Cork & Mill Marble Coasters for Drinks

Buy Now For-Plant-Lovers-Rivet-Mid-Century-Ceramic-Planter-With-Stand.jpg

This Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter With Stand ($66) comes in a couple of different colors and sizes. Its minimal design is great for blending in with a number of decor schemes. If they're a plant-lover, they'll certainly find a home for it. It's made to stand on the floor, adding a nice touch to their decor.


Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter With Stand

Buy Now Familiar-Candle-Homesick-Scented-Candle.jpg

Give them a little slice of home with this Homesick Scented Candle ($38). The candle comes in a number of sayings that will make them feel at home no matter how far away they are. It's great for home offices and bedrooms and is made from a natural soy wax blend.

Familiar-Candle-Homesick-Scented-Candle.jpg For-Their-Bed-Casper-Sleep-Foam-Pillow-for-Sleeping.jpg

This Casper Sleep Foam Pillow for Sleeping ($89) is an editor favorite pick. The pillow is made of three layers of foam that will support their head throughout the night without being too stiff to sleep on. It helps align their neck, ensuring they'll have a good night's rest.


Casper Sleep Foam Pillow for Sleeping

Buy Now For-Relaxing-YnM-Weighted-Blanket.jpg

This YnM Weighted Blanket ($33, originally $50) will help them relax. The blanket's weighted material is proven to help people unwind and can even ease anxiety and stress. It can be used on its own or with a duvet cover and comes in multiple weights to align with their body size.


YnM Weighted Blanket

$33 from amazon.com

$50 $33 Now 34% off

from amazon.com

Buy Now Vase-INGLENIX-White-Ceramic-Vases-Nordic-Minimalism.jpg

Spice up their end table with this fun INGLENIX White Ceramic Vases Nordic Minimalism ($28, originally $30). The vase has a minimalist design that can blend with a number of decor styles. Its white color looks great with flowers and greenery and its shape adds so much charm.


INGLENIX White Ceramic Vases Nordic Minimalism

$28 from amazon.com

$30 $28 Now 7% off

from amazon.com

Buy Now Jewelry-Holder-Simple-Shine-Jewelry-Plate-Key-Dish-with-Initial.jpg

They can put this Simple Shine Jewelry Plate Key Dish with Initial ($16) on their dresser to store all of their earrings and bracelets. It's extra special because you can pick it up in the letter of their first name, so it looks personalized just for them.


Simple Shine Jewelry Plate Key Dish with Initial

Buy Now For-Their-Bedroom-LED-Photo-Clip-String-Lights-With-Remote.jpg

Great for teens, they'll love decorating their room with the LED Photo Clip String Lights With Remote ($20). These smart lights will light up even the dullest or darkest space with a more sparkly touch. Plus, they come with eight different modes that they'll love putting on display and adjusting to better fit their mood.


LED Photo Clip String Lights With Remote

Buy Now For-Foodie-Cosori-Smart-Air-Fryer.jpg

Scoping out gift ideas for a home chef? Might we humbly recommend this Cosori Smart Air Fryer ($150, originally $180), which is really just an essential for cooks and foodies alike. The product serves as a quick, efficient, and oftentimes even healthier cooking alternative to grilling up delicious meals at home. And one of POPSUGAR's own editors even said that the air fryer changed her life for the better in this Cosari Smart Air Fryer product review.


Cosori Smart Air Fryer

$150 from amazon.com

$180 $150 Now 17% off

from amazon.com

Buy Now Quirky-Pillow-Happy-Koala-Boucle-Knot-Ball-Pillow.jpg

This Happy Koala Boucle Knot Ball Pillow ($37, originally $39) is a must-have for decor enthusiasts. It's dressed in boucle material that will instantly add character to their space due to its unique design. Its beige color can match anything, so it can go anywhere they'd like it to.


Happy Koala Boucle Knot Ball Pillow

$37 from amazon.com

$39 $37 Now 5% off

from amazon.com

Buy Now TikTik-Inspired-Present-Sunset-Projection-Lamp.jpg

The Sunset Projection Lamp ($17) takes mood lighting to a whole new level — its head can be rotated 180 degrees to adjust the size and shape of the projected light. It's small enough to be placed anywhere, whether it be a nightstand, dresser, or shelf, making it a great gift for practically anyone to enjoy.

TikTik-Inspired-Present-Sunset-Projection-Lamp.jpg For-Coffee-Lovers-Keurig-K-Mini-Coffee-Maker.jpg

If they have limited counter space, this Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker ($37, originally $39) is perfect for their coffee needs. Not only does it come in a variety of cute colors, but its sleek design also lets them enjoy coffee without clutter. It's only five inches wide, so it can fit in narrow spaces.


Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

$37 from amazon.com

$39 $37 Now 5% off

from amazon.com

Buy Now Cozy-Find-Sioro-Long-Sleeve-Silk-Pajama-Set.jpg

You can't go wrong with a pair of trendy, luxe PJs, and these Sioro Long Sleeve Silk Pajama Set ($22-$33) are so soft and lightweight, you'll probably end up buying yourself a pair, too. It is delicate on the skin and won't cause friction or irritation. These come in a variety of colors as well.


Sioro Long Sleeve Silk Pajama Set

Buy Now For-Decoration-Creative-Co-Op-White-Grey-Terracotta-Vertical-Stripe-Vase.jpg

Give their shelves a natural touch with the Creative Co-Op White and Grey Terracotta Vertical Stripe Vase ($36). The striped vases are watertight and can be used with or without flowers. They're small, too, with the largest vase averaging the size of a hand. The vases come in a set of three and look especially pretty when styled together.


Creative Co-Op White and Grey Terracotta Vertical Stripe Vase

Buy Now Colorful-Candle-Paddywax-Color-Block-Artisan-Hand-Poured-Scented-Candle.jpg

Add a pop of color to their space with the Paddywax Color Block Artisan Hand-Poured Scented Candle ($33, originally $40). The 16-ounce candle is made from a soy-blend wax and has three wicks. It comes in three color combinations and scents: the purple and orange candle has notes of violet and vanilla; the blue and green has notes of bergamot ozone, tart lime, jasmine, and sage; and the pink and coral smells like sparkling grapefruit.


Paddywax Color Block Artisan Hand-Poured Scented Candle

$33 from amazon.com

$40 $33 Now 18% off

from amazon.com

Buy Now Abstract-Lamp-Rivet-Modern-Glass-Globe-Living-Room-Table-Desk-Lamp.jpg

Get them something that's abstract and eye-catching for their side table or desk, like this Rivet Modern Glass Globe Living Room Table Desk Lamp ($55). It's a modern piece that will give their environment warm ambient lighting. It's seven inches wide and 10 inches tall, making it perfect for end tables, nightstands, or shelves. It comes with an LED bulb as well.


Rivet Modern Glass Globe Living Room Table Desk Lamp

Buy Now For-Cozy-Gift-Rivet-Modern-Hand-Woven-Stripe-Fringe-Throw-Blanket.jpg

Add texture and coziness to their space with this Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket ($51). It has a geometric weave pattern that ties into a contemporary home. The contrasting mustard-yellow tassels add a fun pop of color. It's 50 inches wide and 60 inches long, making it perfect for snuggling up in.


Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket

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