48 Funny Instagram Note Ideas to Get Ahead of Your Friends

48 Funny Instagram Note Ideas to Get Ahead of Your Friends


Instagram recently introduced several new features, and the one that's getting the most attention is called Notes. It allows users to leave a Note for followers they follow back or select close friends; it will hover at the top of your friends' inbox for 24 hours, and any replies will be sent as DMs.

Notes were met with mixed reactions. To some, it seemed like a nostalgic throwback — wasn't this exactly like AIM away messages? To others, it seemed confusing, even frustrating — can Instagram stop changing its interface every five seconds? But even among the less-than-impressed contingent, the feature seems to have taken off. The top of my inbox is littered with friends' Notes (although many of them are the virtual equivalent of a "what am I supposed to be doing with this?").

We've lived through enough new feature releases to know that soon enough, we'll all be using Notes without a second thought. So why not get ahead of the game? If you're not sure what to drop for your first Note, we came up with a list of 48 funny Instagram Note ideas — all under 60 characters — to get you started.

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Funny Instagram Note Ideas

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