90 Cool Gifts For Teens That Don't Cost a Fortune - We Promise

90 Cool Gifts For Teens That Don't Cost a Fortune - We Promise

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During the holidays, there's no better feeling than finding a perfect gift — and that's where we come in. If you're shopping for any teens, whether it's a sibling or a classmate, these gift ideas are the coolest finds of the 2021 holiday season. From retro gifts like disposable cameras and record players to cool tech gadgets like a reusable smart notebook and a phone photography kit, they'll be blown away by the ideas you've conjured up. Don't wait another minute poking around the internet, and hop on these gift ideas before they're sold out! Check out 90 affordable finds ahead.


This hilarious box of Sushi Socks ($23) comes with three pairs of themed socks.

Sushi-Socks-Box.jpg Apexel-Phone-Photography-Kit.jpg Apexel-Phone-Photography-Kit.jpg

Apexel Phone Photography Kit

Buy Now 97-Things-Do-Before-You-Finish-High-School-Book.jpg 97-Things-Do-Before-You-Finish-High-School-Book.jpg

97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School Book

Buy Now Picun-P26-Bluetooth-Headphones.jpg Picun-P26-Bluetooth-Headphones.jpg

Picun P26 Bluetooth Headphones

Buy Now Essence-Lash-Princess-False-Lash-Effect-Mascara.jpg

No joke, this affordable Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara ($5) is the bestselling formula on the whole site. The color is a raven black, and it gives a falsie-like effect. It both lengthens and thickens each hair. It would be a great stocking stuffer.


Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Buy Now Spalding-NBA-Over--Door-Mini-Basketball-Hoop.jpg

Image Source: amazon.com


Spalding NBA Over-the-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Buy Now Mario-Badescu-Facial-Spray-With-Rosewater-Facial-Spray-With-Green-Tea-Duo.jpg Mario-Badescu-Facial-Spray-With-Rosewater-Facial-Spray-With-Green-Tea-Duo.jpg

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Rosewater & Facial Spray with Green Tea Duo

Buy Now Fujifilm-Instax-Mini-Camera.jpg

Image Source: walmart.com


Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

Buy Now Harry-Potter-Magical-Places-Characters-Coloring-Book.jpg Harry-Potter-Magical-Places-Characters-Coloring-Book.jpg

Magical Places & Characters Coloring Book

Buy Now Rocketbook-Everlast-Reusable-Smart-Notebook.jpg Rocketbook-Everlast-Reusable-Smart-Notebook.jpg

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook

Buy Now Desktop-Organizer.jpg

Their home office will be so much more organized and productive with this Desktop Organizer ($25)!

Desktop-Organizer.jpg Sequin-iPhone-11-Pro-Max-Case.jpg Sequin-iPhone-11-Pro-Max-Case.jpg

Sequin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Buy Now Harry-Potter-Cauldron-Soup-Mug-With-Spoon.jpg Harry-Potter-Cauldron-Soup-Mug-With-Spoon.jpg

Harry Potter Cauldron Soup Mug With Spoon

Buy Now Nostalgia-TCS2-Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich-Toaster.jpg Nostalgia-TCS2-Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich-Toaster.jpg

Nostalgia TCS2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster

Buy Now JIASUQI-Fluffy-House-Slippers.jpg JIASUQI-Fluffy-House-Slippers.jpg

JIASUQI Fluffy House Slippers

Buy Now RVivimos-Long-Sleeve-Sweater-Dress.jpg RVivimos-Long-Sleeve-Sweater-Dress.jpg

R.Vivimos Long-Sleeve Sweater Dress

Buy Now ZGR-Canvas-Low-Top-Sneakers.jpg ZGR-Canvas-Low-Top-Sneakers.jpg

ZGR Canvas Low-Top Sneakers

Buy Now Scratch-Off-World-Map-Poster.jpg

If you know someone who travels a lot, get them this Scratch-Off World Map Poster ($21). They can keep track of every country they've been to.


Scratch-Off World Map Poster

Buy Now David-Cookies-24-Fresh-Baked-Cookie-Gourmet-Gift-Basket.jpg David-Cookies-24-Fresh-Baked-Cookie-Gourmet-Gift-Basket.jpg

David's Cookies 24 Fresh-Baked Cookie Gourmet Gift Basket

Buy Now Self-Watering-Dinosaur-Planters.jpg Self-Watering-Dinosaur-Planters.jpg

Self-Watering Dinosaur Planters

Buy Now Personalized-My-Hometown-Map-Jigsaw-Puzzle.jpg Personalized-My-Hometown-Map-Jigsaw-Puzzle.jpg

Personalized 'My Hometown' Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy Now Authentic-Roxant-Grip-Scope-High-Definition-Wide-View-Monocular.jpg Authentic-Roxant-Grip-Scope-High-Definition-Wide-View-Monocular.jpg

Authentic Roxant Grip Scope High Definition Wide View Monocular

Buy Now We-Spill-Tea-Organic-Peach-Tea.jpg

The box of this We Spill The Tea Organic Peach Tea ($13) is made with FSC-certified paper and is 100-percent recyclable. In addition, the packaging, tea bags, string, and tags are all biodegradable and commercially compostable. We love the thoughtful design!


We Spill The Tea Organic Peach Tea

Buy Now Noshinku-Travel-Size-Hand-Sanitizer.jpg Noshinku-Travel-Size-Hand-Sanitizer.jpg

Noshinku Travel Size Hand Sanitizer

Buy Now AquaAudio-Cubo-Portable-Waterproof-Bluetooth-Speaker-With-Suction-Cup-For-Showers.jpg AquaAudio-Cubo-Portable-Waterproof-Bluetooth-Speaker-With-Suction-Cup-For-Showers.jpg

AquaAudio Cubo Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Buy Now JFeng-Bangle-Bracelet-Flask.jpg JFeng-Bangle-Bracelet-Flask.jpg

JFeng Bangle Bracelet Flask

Buy Now Echo-Dot-4th-Generation-Smart-Speaker-With-Alexa.jpg Echo-Dot-4th-Generation-Smart-Speaker-With-Alexa.jpg

Echo Dot (4th Generation) Smart Speaker With Alexa

Buy Now Airtight-Cold-Brew-Iced-Coffee-Maker-Tea-Infuser-with-Spout.jpg Airtight-Cold-Brew-Iced-Coffee-Maker-Tea-Infuser-with-Spout.jpg

Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser with Spout

Buy Now Jenga-Game-Wooden-Blocks-Stacking-Tumbling-Tower.jpg Jenga-Game-Wooden-Blocks-Stacking-Tumbling-Tower.jpg

Jenga Game Wooden Blocks Stacking Tumbling Tower

Buy Now Night-Light-Bluetooth-Speaker.jpg Night-Light-Bluetooth-Speaker.jpg

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

Buy Now UGG-Classic-Mini-Bow-Cosmos-Boots.jpg UGG-Classic-Mini-Bow-Cosmos-Boots.jpg

UGG Classic Mini Bow Cosmos Boots

Buy Now Moxi-Skates-Lolly-Fashionable-Quad-Roller-Skates.jpg Moxi-Skates-Lolly-Fashionable-Quad-Roller-Skates.jpg

Moxi Skates Lolly Fashionable Quad Roller Skates

Buy Now Herschel-Supply-Co-Fitted-Face-Mask.jpg Herschel-Supply-Co-Fitted-Face-Mask.jpg

Herschel Supply Co. Fitted Face Mask

Buy Now Personalized-Name-Plate-Necklace.jpg Personalized-Name-Plate-Necklace.jpg

Personalized Name Plate Necklace

Buy Now Sleepwish-Pug-Fleece-Blanket.jpg Sleepwish-Pug-Fleece-Blanket.jpg

Sleepwish Pug Fleece Blanket

Buy Now Clocky-Original-Runaway-Alarm-Clock-on-Wheels.jpg Clocky-Original-Runaway-Alarm-Clock-on-Wheels.jpg

Clocky, the Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels

Buy Now Mydethun-Moon-Light-Night-Light.jpg Mydethun-Moon-Light-Night-Light.jpg

Mydethun Moon Light Night Light

Buy Now BP-Blue-Light-Blocking-Square-Glasses.jpg BP-Blue-Light-Blocking-Square-Glasses.jpg

BP. Blue Light Blocking Square Glasses

Buy Now Five-Two-by-Food52-Pack-10-Silicone-Straws-Travel-Cases.jpg Five-Two-by-Food52-Pack-10-Silicone-Straws-Travel-Cases.jpg

Five Two by Food52 Pack of 10 Silicone Straws & Travel Cases

Buy Now InterestPrint-Hardcase-Carry-on-Suitcase.jpg Piggy-Pop-Pink-Baking-Tray.jpg

This silicone Piggy Pop Pink Baking Tray ($15) has pig-shaped molds that can make everything from prized pigs-in-a-blanket bites to appetizers and other snacks.

Piggy-Pop-Pink-Baking-Tray.jpg Nordstrom-Bliss-Plush-Tassel-Throw.jpg Nordstrom-Bliss-Plush-Tassel-Throw.jpg

Nordstrom Bliss Plush Tassel Throw

Buy Now Madewell-Gemline-Stud-Earrings.jpg Madewell-Gemline-Stud-Earrings.jpg

Madewell Gemline Stud Earrings

Buy Now Slip-Pure-Silk-3-Pack-Hair-Ties.jpg Slip-Pure-Silk-3-Pack-Hair-Ties.jpg

Slip Pure Silk 3-Pack Hair Ties

Buy Now Huggable-Llama-Heating-Pad-Pillow.jpg Huggable-Llama-Heating-Pad-Pillow.jpg

Huggable Llama Heating Pad & Pillow

Buy Now Mark-Graham-Small-Travel-Jewelry-Case.jpg Mark-Graham-Small-Travel-Jewelry-Case.jpg

Mark & Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case

Buy Now Bedsure-Flannel-Fleece-Luxury-Blanket.jpg Bedsure-Flannel-Fleece-Luxury-Blanket.jpg

Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket

Buy Now HM-Flounced-Rib-Knit-Sweater.jpg HM-Flounced-Rib-Knit-Sweater.jpg

H&M Flounced Rib-Knit Sweater

Buy Now BaubleBar-Cheese-Day-Drop-Earrings.jpg BaubleBar-Cheese-Day-Drop-Earrings.jpg

BaubleBar Cheese the Day Drop Earrings

Buy Now Youve-Got-This-Creative-Guide-to-Powering-Your-Happy.jpg Youve-Got-This-Creative-Guide-to-Powering-Your-Happy.jpg

You've Got This! A Creative Guide to Powering Your Happy

Buy Now Ototo-Baby-Nessie-Tea-Infuser.jpg Ototo-Baby-Nessie-Tea-Infuser.jpg

Ototo Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

Buy Now BaubleBar-Vanessa-18K-Gold-Earrings.jpg BaubleBar-Vanessa-18K-Gold-Earrings.jpg

BaubleBar Vanessa 18K Gold Earrings

Buy Now La-Plage-Memory-Foam-Unicorn-Slippers.jpg La-Plage-Memory-Foam-Unicorn-Slippers.jpg

La Plage Memory Foam Unicorn Slippers

Buy Now Michael-Kors-Diamond-Cable-Pompom-Beanie.jpeg Michael-Kors-Diamond-Cable-Pompom-Beanie.jpeg

Michael Kors Diamond Cable Pompom Beanie

Buy Now JBL-Clip-3.jpg

Gift some music on the go with this JBL Clip 3 ($50) speaker.

JBL-Clip-3.jpg Nordstrom-Round-Jewelry-Box.jpeg Nordstrom-Round-Jewelry-Box.jpeg

Nordstrom Round Jewelry Box

Buy Now Argento-Vivo-Moon-Star-Stud-Earrings.jpeg Argento-Vivo-Moon-Star-Stud-Earrings.jpeg

Argento Vivo Moon & Star Stud Earrings

Buy Now Nine-West-Cozy-Faux-Fur-Slippers.jpeg Nine-West-Cozy-Faux-Fur-Slippers.jpeg

Nine West Cozy Faux Fur Slippers

Buy Now Glossier-Core-Lip-Collection.webp Glossier-Core-Lip-Collection.jpg

Glossier The Core Lip Collection

Buy Now STMT-Hand-Stamped-Jewelry-Kit.webp STMT-Hand-Stamped-Jewelry-Kit.jpg

STMT Hand Stamped Jewelry Kit

Buy Now Michael-Kors-Pebble-Leather-Card-Holder.webp Michael-Kors-Pebble-Leather-Card-Holder.webp

Michael Kors Pebble Leather Card Holder

Buy Now Smoko-Boba-Tea-AirPods-Case.jpg Smoko-Boba-Tea-AirPods-Case.jpg

Smoko Boba Tea AirPods Case

Buy Now Tomzon-A31-Flying-Pig-Drone.jpg Tomzon-A31-Flying-Pig-Drone.jpg

Tomzon A31 Flying Pig Drone

Buy Now Otherland-Garden-Party-Scented-Candle.jpeg Otherland-Garden-Party-Scented-Candle.jpeg

Otherland Garden Party Scented Candle

Buy Now Smoko-Kai-Mushroom-Ambient-Light.jpg Smoko-Kai-Mushroom-Ambient-Light.jpg

Smoko Kai Mushroom Ambient Light

Buy Now Eco-Slurpers-Reusable-Metal-Straws.jpg Eco-Slurpers-Reusable-Metal-Straws.jpg

Eco Slurpers Reusable Metal Straws

Buy Now Iron-Flask-Wide-Mouth-Water-Bottle-With-Spout-Lid.jpg Iron-Flask-Wide-Mouth-Water-Bottle-With-Spout-Lid.jpg

Iron Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle With Spout Lid

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