All the Claire's Squishmallows You Can Order Online and Add to Your Collection, Because CUTE

All the Claire's Squishmallows You Can Order Online and Add to Your Collection, Because CUTE

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Claire's is a nostalgic place for us twenty-somethings who used to walk around malls for fun (LOL), so when I heard the store sold Squishmallows, it was an easy excuse to pop on its website and re-live my preteen years (not much has changed!). Upon getting lost in its jewelry section — as I would back in the day — I finally found myself in its trending section where, to no surprise, Squishmallows exist. From JoJo Siwa squishes to Claire's exclusives, there are more than a dozen Squishmallows to sift through that come in different sizes and colors. If you haven't had a chance yet, we highly suggest you take a gander for yourself. Who knows, you might have better luck at Claire's than what pops up at your local Walgreens! See all the Squishmallows Claire's has to offer ahead.

Coral-Puppy-Dog-Squishmallow.jpg Coral-Puppy-Dog-Squishmallow.jpg

Coral Puppy Dog Squishmallow

Buy Now Disney-Mickey-Mouse-Squishmallow.jpg Disney-Mickey-Mouse-Squishmallow.jpg

Disney Mickey Mouse Squishmallow

Buy Now Disney-Minnie-Mouse-Squishmallow.jpg Disney-Minnie-Mouse-Squishmallow.jpg

Disney Minnie Mouse Squishmallow

Buy Now Aqua-Puppy-Dog-Squishmallow.jpg Aqua-Puppy-Dog-Squishmallow.jpg

Aqua Puppy Dog Squishmallow

Buy Now Pool-Party-Panda-Squishmallow.jpg Pool-Party-Panda-Squishmallow.jpg

Pool Party Panda Squishmallow

Buy Now Squishmallows-Dalmatian-Plush-Toy.jpg Squishmallows-Dalmatian-Plush-Toy.jpg

Squishmallows Dalmatian Plush Toy

Buy Now JoJo-Siwa-Squishmallow-BowBow-Plush-Toy.jpg JoJo-Siwa-Squishmallow-BowBow-Plush-Toy.jpg

JoJo Siwa Squishmallow BowBow Plush Toy

Buy Now JoJo-Siwa-Squishmallows-Unicorn-Plush-Toy.jpg JoJo-Siwa-Squishmallows-Unicorn-Plush-Toy.jpg

JoJo Siwa Squishmallows Unicorn Plush Toy

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