Create a Perfectly Curated Wall With These 17 Aesthetic Collage Kits

Create a Perfectly Curated Wall With These 17 Aesthetic Collage Kits

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If you've already dreamed up your vision board for 2022, meet your next creative endeavor: a wall collage aesthetic. Sure, a cohesive wall collage looks like a lot of work, but these photo-packed collage kits are a great way to set the vibe in a bedroom, living room, office, dorm, or elsewhere without spending an arm and a leg on a million pieces of wall art. A coastal collage? Check. A modern collage? Check. A throwback '70's aesthetic? Check. There are dozens of artistic collage kits to choose from. They're original and creative, plus they save you the time and energy of physically finding, taking, or printing dozens of photos yourself. (That'd be a doozy.) With these collage kits, you simply pick the vibe of the kit you want, purchase it, and then hang the photos on your wall (we've heard blue painter's tape works best for minimal wall damage) for everyone to see. Don't be afraid to go the extra mile by tossing your own photos into the mix either! This is your wall collage, after all. Whether you're just browsing for inspiration or want to pick one up for yourself, these are the best collage kits we've come across to create the ultimate collage aesthetic.


The Cai and Jo Modern Muse Collage Kit ($44-$69) comes in small or large sizes and contains 25 to 50 posters, depending on the one you choose. We're obsessed with the light-pink aesthetic ourselves.


Cai and Jo Modern Muse Collage Kit

Buy Now Tezza-Creamy-Collage-Kit.webp

The Tezza Creamy Collage Kit ($49) gives off the feeling of "slow mornings, flaky pastries, fresh linen, and a book you just can't put down." It's neutral, minimal, and totally perfect.

Tezza-Creamy-Collage-Kit.jpg Retro-Summer-Collage-Kit.webp

Close your eyes and imagine this: you're in the desert with old records playing, passing old cars, and more — sounds fun, right? The Retro Summer Collage Kit ($23) — filled with 50 to 100 prints — will take you there.

Retro-Summer-Collage-Kit.webp Tezza-Dream-Kit.webp

Transform your space into a source of pastel inspiration with the Tezza Dream Kit ($49).

Tezza-Dream-Kit.jpg Artivo-Boho-Wall-Collage-Kit.jpg Artivo-Boho-Wall-Collage-Kit.jpg

Artivo Boho Wall Collage Kit

Buy Now Tezza-City-Kit.webp

If you love NYC, the Tezza City Kit ($89) contains the scenery, people, and fashion to make you feel like you're in the heart of it all.

Tezza-City-Kit.png Cai-Jo-Psychedelic-Collage-Kit.webp Cai-Jo-Psychedelic-Collage-Kit.webp

Cai and Jo Psychedelic Collage Kit

Buy Now Cai-Jo-Pastel-Green-Collage-Kit.webp Cai-Jo-Pastel-Green-Collage-Kit.webp

Cai and Jo Pastel Green Collage Kit

Buy Now Flowra-Pink-Wall-Collage-Kit.jpg Flowra-Pink-Wall-Collage-Kit.jpg

Flowra Pink Wall Collage Kit

Buy Now Tezza-Collage-Kit.webp

The Tezza Collage Kit ($89) was created by influencer Tezza Barton and is one of the first kits she made. It features a variety of aesthetic images that range from landscapes to portraits and more.

Tezza-Collage-Kit.webp Tezza-x-Charles-Barton-Collage-Kit.webp Tezza-x-Charles-Barton-Collage-Kit.jpg

Tezza x Charles Barton Collage Kit

Buy Now Cai-Jo-70s-Collage-Kit.webp Cai-Jo-70s-Collage-Kit.webp

Cai and Jo '70s Collage Kit

Buy Now Printed-Collage-Kit-Vintage-Aesthetic.webp Printed-Collage-Kit-Vintage-Aesthetic.webp

Printed Collage Kit Vintage Aesthetic

Buy Now Cai-Jo-Cosmic-Collage-Kit.webp Cai-Jo-Cosmic-Collage-Kit.webp

Cai and Jo Cosmic Collage Kit

Buy Now Cai-Jo-Dusty-Pink-Collage-Kit.webp Cai-Jo-Dusty-Pink-Collage-Kit.webp

Cai and Jo Dusty Pink Collage Kit

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