Doused in Vibrant Colors, Ikea's New Karismatisk Collection Has People Raving

Doused in Vibrant Colors, Ikea's New Karismatisk Collection Has People Raving

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Whether you're a minimalist who enjoys a few standout pieces or a maximalist who's attracted to colorful, eccentric design, Ikea's Karismatisk collection, created with British fashion and textile designer Zandra Rhodes, is here to make a statement. The 23-piece Karismatisk collection features eccentric lampshades, a ruffled pink Ikea Frakta tote bag, vibrant cushion covers, and more decadent items that'll make you stop and do a double (or perhaps even a triple) take. With prices starting as low as $1, this collection may just house the most reasonably priced designer items we've seen yet. With colors that range from bright blue to hot pink with a few printed patterns mixed in, the Karismatisk collection is bound to have something that'll catch your eye (or your price point). Choose a bold item to brighten your abode or pick up a handful of things to dot your space with. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that nothing in this collection will go unnoticed. Take a closer look at every vivid item this designer collaboration holds ahead.


This Karismatisk box ($6) is foldable so it can easily be stored away when you're not using it.

Karismatisk-Box.webp Karismatisk-Throw.webp

The Karismatisk throw ($40) is a combination of all the floral shapes Rhodes has designed over the years.

Karismatisk-Throw.webp Karismatisk-Vases.webp

Together, the Karismatisk vases ($20) create one big "Z" shape, but, of course, they can be used separately.

Karismatisk-Vases.webp Karismatisk-Frakta-Medium-Shopping-Bag.jpg Karismatisk-Frakta-Medium-Shopping-Bag.jpg

Karismatisk Medium Shopping Bag

Buy Now Karismatisk-Rugs.webp

These Karismatisk rugs ($89) come in a set of three, with Rhodes's iconic flower designs.

Karismatisk-Rugs.webp Karismatisk-Mirror.webp

Take as many mirror selfies as you'd like with the Karismatisk mirror ($20), which doubles as an art piece.

Karismatisk-Mirror.webp Karismatisk-Rug.webp

Made of polypropylene, this fun Karismatisk rug ($50) is unlikely to shed all over your space.

Karismatisk-Rug.webp Karismatisk-Rug.webp

This Karismatisk rug ($20) is ideal for providing hallways or narrow areas with an eclectic pop of color.

Karismatisk-Rug.webp Karismatisk-Frakta-Large-Shopping-Bag.webp Karismatisk-Frakta-Large-Shopping-Bag.webp

Karismatisk Large Shopping Bag

Buy Now Karismatisk-LED-String-Lights.webp Karismatisk-LED-String-Lights.webp

Karismatisk LED String Lights

Buy Now Karismatisk-Lamp-Shade.webp

Brighten up your space even more with this Karismatisk lamp shade ($40). Its cutouts will give you a mini light show.

Karismatisk-Lamp-Shade.webp Karismatisk-Boxes.webp

Store small trinkets inside these decorative Karismatisk boxes ($20), which come in a set of two.


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