Foodies Will Love These 25 Scrumptious Gifts From Goldbelly

Foodies Will Love These 25 Scrumptious Gifts From Goldbelly

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The holidays are not just about the decor or the vibes — it's about the food! Celebrate the holidays with the gift of gourmet food from Goldbelly. It is the destination for amazing food from all over the country. Some of the featured chefs and restaurants have gone viral and even made an appearance or two in a Food Network show. From sweet treats like gooey cookies and boozy cupcakes to savory delights like deep-dish pizzas and bacon samplers, Goldbelly has got you covered for all your foodie needs. Let's be real, we're getting kind of tired of cooking all the time, yet it's still better to stay at home and get delivery. Why not give a gift that not only supports small businesses, but also gives you a break from the kitchen? If you or your loved ones are foodies, Goldbelly will be your new best friend. We curated some of the best gifts from Goldbelly that are so good you will probably order some for yourself!

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6-Pack-Wood-Fired-Pizza-by-Roberta-Pizza.jpg 6-Pack-Wood-Fired-Pizza-by-Roberta-Pizza.jpg

6 Pack Wood Fired Pizza by Roberta's Pizza

Buy Now Rainbow-Cookies-Assorted-Fillings-by-Zola-Bakes.jpg Rainbow-Cookies-Assorted-Fillings-by-Zola-Bakes.jpg

Rainbow Cookies Assorted Fillings by Zola Bakes

Buy Now Mike-Famous-Cannoli-Kit-by-Mike-Pastry.jpg Mike-Famous-Cannoli-Kit-by-Mike-Pastry.jpg

Mike's Famous Cannoli Kit by Mike's Pastry

Buy Now Cookie-Fries-Red-Basket-Mini-Sampler-by-Cookie-Joint.jpg Cookie-Fries-Red-Basket-Mini-Sampler-by-Cookie-Joint.jpg

Cookie Fries Red Basket Mini Sampler by The Cookie Joint

Buy Now Baby-Brownies-Sweet-Sixteen-Gift-Box-by-Brownie-Points.jpg Baby-Brownies-Sweet-Sixteen-Gift-Box-by-Brownie-Points.jpg

Baby Brownies Sweet Sixteen Gift Box by Brownie Points

Buy Now Goldbelly-Classic-CandyCare-Pack-by-Economy-Candy.jpg Goldbelly-Classic-CandyCare-Pack-by-Economy-Candy.jpg

Goldbelly Classic CandyCare Pack by Economy Candy

Buy Now Bacon-Sampler-Applewood-Peppered-Cajun-Maple-by-Loveless-Cafe.jpg Bacon-Sampler-Applewood-Peppered-Cajun-Maple-by-Loveless-Cafe.jpg

Bacon Sampler: Applewood + Peppered + Cajun + Maple by Loveless Cafe

Buy Now Best-Seller-Cupcake-Dozen-by-Crave-Cupcakes.jpg Best-Seller-Cupcake-Dozen-by-Crave-Cupcakes.jpg

Best Seller Cupcake Dozen by Crave Cupcakes

Buy Now Assorted-Rice-Krispie-Treats-by-Treat-House.jpg Assorted-Rice-Krispie-Treats-by-Treat-House.jpg

Assorted Rice Krispie Treats by Treat House

Buy Now Deep-Dish-Cheesecake-by-Eli-Cheesecake-Company.jpg Deep-Dish-Cheesecake-by-Eli-Cheesecake-Company.jpg

Deep Dish Cheesecake by Eli's Cheesecake Company

Buy Now 25-Piece-Signature-Chocolate-Collection-Gift-Box-By-Knipschildt-Chocolatier.jpg 25-Piece-Signature-Chocolate-Collection-Gift-Box-By-Knipschildt.jpg

25 Piece Signature Chocolate Collection Gift Box By Knipschildt Chocolatier

Buy Now California-Reserve-Filet-Mignon-Steaks-Gift-Box-by-Flannery-Beef.jpg California-Reserve-Filet-Mignon-Steaks-Gift-Box-by-Flannery-Beef.jpg

California Reserve Filet Mignon Steaks Gift Box by Flannery Beef

Buy Now Tiny-Pie-4-Pack-Gift-Box-by-Tiny-Pies.jpg Tiny-Pie-4-Pack-Gift-Box-by-Tiny-Pies.jpg

Tiny Pie 4 Pack Gift Box by Tiny Pies

Buy Now Choose-Your-Own-Boozy-Ice-Cream-6-Pints-by-Tipsy-Scoop-Boozy-Ice-Cream.jpg Choose-Your-Own-Boozy-Ice-Cream-6-Pints-by-Tipsy-Scoop-Boozy-Ice.png

Choose Your Own Boozy Ice Cream (6 Pints) by Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream

Buy Now Oprah-Favorite-Key-Lime-Bundt-Cake-by-We-Take-Cake.jpg Oprah-Favorite-Key-Lime-Bundt-Cake-by-We-Take-Cake.jpg

Oprah's Favorite Key Lime Bundt Cake by We Take the Cake

Buy Now One-Dozen-Kosher-Bagels-by-HH-Bagels.jpg One-Dozen-Kosher-Bagels-by-HH-Bagels.jpg

One Dozen Kosher Bagels by H&H Bagels

Buy Now Joe-KC-Ribs-Brisket-Burnt-Ends-by-Joe-KC-BBQ.jpg Joe-KC-Ribs-Brisket-Burnt-Ends-by-Joe-KC-BBQ.jpg

Joe's KC Ribs, Brisket & Burnt Ends by Joe's KC BBQ

Buy Now Choose-Your-Own-Ice-Cream-Sandwiches-by-Nightingale-Ice-Cream-Sandwiches.jpg Choose-Your-Own-Ice-Cream-Sandwiches-by-Nightingale-Ice-Cream-Sandwiches.jpg

Choose Your Own Ice Cream Sandwiches by Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches

Buy Now Choose-Your-Own-8-Killer-Brownies-in-Tin-by-Killer-Brownies.jpg Choose-Your-Own-8-Killer-Brownies-in-Tin-by-Killer-Brownies.jpg

Choose-Your-Own 8 Killer Brownies in a Tin by Killer Brownies

Buy Now Marcus-Hot-Honey-Chicken-Cornbread-Waffles-Kit-For-4-by-Marcus-Samuelsson-Streetbird.jpg Marcus-Hot-Honey-Chicken-Cornbread-Waffles-Kit-For-4-by-Marcus.jpg

Marcus' Hot Honey Chicken & Cornbread Waffles Kit For 4 by Marcus Samuelsson's

Buy Now Jacques-World-Famous-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-by-Jacques-Torres-Chocolate.jpg Jacques-World-Famous-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-by-Jacques-Torres.jpg

Jacques' World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies by Jacques Torres Chocolate

Buy Now Choose-Your-Own-Boozy-Cupcake-Dozen-by-Nadia-Cakes.jpg Choose-Your-Own-Boozy-Cupcake-Dozen-by-Nadia-Cakes.jpg

Choose Your Own Boozy Cupcake Dozen by Nadia Cakes

Buy Now 4-Lou-Malnati-Deep-Dish-Pizzas-by-Lou-Malnati-Pizza.jpg 4-Lou-Malnati-Deep-Dish-Pizzas-by-Lou-Malnati-Pizza.jpg

4 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas by Lou Malnati's Pizza

Buy Now Made-in-Vermont-Large-Gift-Box-by-Plymouth-Artisan-Cheese.jpg Made-in-Vermont-Large-Gift-Box-by-Plymouth-Artisan-Cheese.jpg

Made in Vermont Large Gift Box by Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Buy Now Choose-Your-Own-Mini-Pies-by-Pink-Pie.jpg Choose-Your-Own-Mini-Pies-by-Pink-Pie.jpg

Choose Your Own Mini Pies by Pink Pie

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