I Made Poached Eggs in the Microwave, and I'm Freaking Out Over How Easy It Was

I Made Poached Eggs in the Microwave, and I'm Freaking Out Over How Easy It Was


I would give my cooking skills a five on a scale of one to 10. When I was still in college, I easily proved that I could survive on ramen noodles and Hot Cheetos alone, but ever since I hit 30, I've tried to make healthy meals more of a priority. Although I'm not hosting extravagant dinner parties, and I would never consider myself a "good" cook, I can make a few easy, healthy meals that definitely pass as edible. One thing I've always loved to eat, but have absolutely never known how to make, is poached eggs. Poached eggs seem like a nine on the luxury food item scale and, in my mind, are only surpassed by truffles and caviar. So, when I first heard about a cookware item that could produce poached eggs in the microwave, I absolutely knew I had to try it. Enter: Anyday.

Anyday created a line of cookware that allows you to cook fresh ingredients in your microwave, making healthy meals easy and hassle-free. If you have any qualms about cooking eggs (or any fresh ingredients) in your microwave, all I can say is, don't. While the company was created by Steph Chen, it's also backed by David Chang. Yes, David Chang, the famous chef.

The cookware is made up of a bowl base and a lid, and they come in different sizes and depths. For those interested in the technical jargon, the Anyday cookware bowls are made of frosted borosilicate glass, and they're durable and shock-resistant. As for the cookware lid, it's made with silicone-rimmed glass, which keeps steam in the dish while cooking and leaves food moist and delicious. The cookware is also dishwasher safe, which is amazing news for a girl like me who absolutely hates doing dishes. Another plus? The bowls can also be stored in the refrigerator or the freezer, and they look sleek enough to be used as regular serving dishes.


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The Anyday website features a whole section dedicated to recipes you can make in their cookware, and for my first meal, I chose to attempt the ever-elusive poached egg, and I was extremely surprised by the results. I opted to cook my egg in the Medium Shallow Dish ($30) as recommended by the Anyday site.

The steps were simple and easy enough. I first filled the dish with tap water up to the crease on the bowl and then cracked my egg into the dish. Afterward, I covered it with the lid but made sure the knob was lifted (a very important step). I cooked the egg on high in my microwave for one minute and 40 seconds (although the time varies based on your microwave wattage) and then removed the egg from the water with a spoon. After lightly blotting the egg with a paper towel, it was ready to eat. I added my egg to some avocado toast, sprinkled it with salt and pepper, and I was ready to chow down — but not before snapping a few photos.


The results were absolutely delicious; I was honestly astounded by how good it tasted and amazed by the fact that all it took was one piece of cookware and a microwave to cook something that once seemed daunting and complicated. The bottom line: I don't think I ever would have accomplished cooking poached eggs without the Anyday cookware, which helped me realize that my microwave is no longer just for frozen meals and heating up last night's leftovers. I can't wait to see what mouthwatering recipe I can tackle next.

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