I Tried Every Being Frenshe Body Spray, and I Have a Clear Favorite

I Tried Every Being Frenshe Body Spray, and I Have a Clear Favorite

Ever since Ashley Tisdale's beauty and personal-care line called Being Frenshe launched in July of 2022, the brand's Hair, Body & Linen Mist Body Spray has popped up over and over again on my TikTok feed. The multipurpose mist is so well-loved that many of its scents have garnered nearly a perfect five-star rating, along with rave reviews like "BEST SMELL EVER!" and "Obsessed!" Curious and battling a case of FOMO, I went ahead and scooped up all four scents and shared my honest thoughts on the product, ahead, and later, my ranking from favorite to least favorite.

What I Like About This Mist

There's so much to love about this body mist, from its alluring and recyclable packaging (just remove the pump) to its clean formulations. They're free from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, and their fragrances are powered by essential oils. Perhaps the most notable and compelling thing about these mists of all, though, are that, as the name implies, they're suitable for multipurpose use. You can spritz it on your body, use it as hair perfume, spray it onto your linens, freshen up a room — you name it.

What's Worth Noting About This Mist

One thing worth noting about this spray is its size: five ounces. Like most perfumes and mist, this is over the TSA-approved size of 3.4, which is a personal hurdle I ran into when I went to throw the lavender-infused Rest & Unwind scent into my carry-on to bring with me on a nerve-wracking trip to NYC for my first-ever marathon. I ended up checking a bag so it could come along for the ride but intend to purchase the discovery set for next time, instead. I think you'll agree that it would be great if the brand had an option in-between the large five-ounce option and the itty-bitty 0.06-ounce ones.


Who This Mist Is Best For

This body mist is best for those who prioritize clean formulations and appreciate products that provide a big bang for your buck. Countless shoppers — myself included — are impressed by how the smell lasts all day, whether you spray it on yourself before heading out the door or on your linens to give them a refreshing boost.

Additional Details

Being Frenshe is a Target exclusive. These scents star in other products in the Being Frenshe line, including body wash, shower gel, lotion, and more. The brand notes that you should avoid using it on leather, suede, silk, or fabrics that may water spot.


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