Keep Calm During Stressful Moments With These 12 Super-Cute Fidget Rings For Adults

Keep Calm During Stressful Moments With These 12 Super-Cute Fidget Rings For Adults

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Whether you have anxiety, ADHD, or a habit you're looking to break, you may have tried out fidget toys for stress relief or for restless hands that have to keep moving. But have you heard of fidget rings? If you're looking to keep nervousness on the down-low or want to have convenient access to a fidget device, this small piece of jewelry might be your jam. The rings look like any ordinary accessory, except you can mess with them like you would a fidget toy. They range from super subtle to statement rings that rival some of your favorite jewelry. Featuring moving parts like small beads, rotating pendants, spinners, and more, these rings have a secret agenda suited for any person experiencing nerves. Check out a few of our favorite fidget rings for adults ahead and see which ring suits you best.


Who said a fidget ring should cramp your style? This Cubic Zirconia Fidget Ring ($14, originally $19) features an adjustable, sparkling design that spins.

Cubic-Zirconia-Fidget-Ring.jpg Daisy-Fidget-Ring.jpg

Spin the flower on this Daisy Fidget Ring ($25) around and around whenever you feel the need to.

Daisy-Fidget-Ring.jpg King-Will-Intertwine-Spinner-Ring.png King-Will-Intertwine-Spinner-Ring.png

King Will Stainless Steel Spinner Ring

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The over 600 reviews for the Gold Plated Spinner Ring ($23, originally $25) essentially say the same thing: five stars and high quality!

Gold-Plated-Spinner-Ring.jpg Moon-Star-Silver-Fidget-Ring.jpg Moon-Star-Silver-Fidget-Ring.jpg

Moon Star Silver Fidget Ring

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The Dainty Fidget Ring ($14) comes in any band or color option that you want and is made with three custom beads.

Dainty-Fidget-Ring.jpg Tala-by-Kyla-Self-love-Ring.png Tala-by-Kyla-Self-love-Ring.png

Tala by Kyla Self-love Ring

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