The 10 Best Bed Sheet Sets of 2023

The 10 Best Bed Sheet Sets of 2023

Shopping for the perfect sheets is challenging, to say the very least. There are so many options on the market that it can be hard to understand the key differences between the different types of fabrics, let alone settle on just one set. Our typical rule of thumb when shopping for sheets, or new bedding of any kind, is to look for soft, good quality, and reasonably priced options. Ahead, we spoke with Karin Sun, sleep expert, textile industry veteran and founder of Crane & Canopy, for insight into the need-to-know details when shopping for sheets.

How to Shop for Bed Sheets

One of the most important things to consider when buying your bed sheets is your climate and sleeping preferences to ensure you get the best sleep possible. Sun recommends either linen or bamboo sheets for hot sleepers or those in warm climates. Both are natural fibers that are breathable and moisture-wicking. If you don't run warm and prefer to stick with one set o bed sheets year-round, she advises you to look into cotton sheets, particularly a sateen or percale weave. She says the former " is most commonly used in cotton sheets and results in an incredibly soft, silky and smooth feel." In contrast, the latter is "more crisp, cool and luxurious, similar to a classic, high-quality white button down shirt."

While many bed sheets are made of synthetic materials like polyester, Sun notes that she "typically recommends avoiding synthetics and opting for natural materials." She says, "polyester fabrics are far less breathable, tend to trap heat and often stick to the skin, causing sleep interruptions and overheating." The reality is that a large majority of bed sheets are made of synthetic materials, though. If you're not deterred by these potential limitations and are on a budget, there are still plenty of highly rated options to choose from.

Which Bed Sheets Tend to be Most Affordable? What About Most Expensive?

"Microfiber and cotton-polyester blends are the most affordable as they cost less to manufacture," explains Sun. "Quality often suffers in synthetic materials, though, so saving on cheap sheets in the short term means you'll usually run into pilling and damage sooner than with natural material. Alternatively, many sheets made with cotton, bamboo and linen are still pretty affordable and more likely to maintain their quality and last for years to come, but the slightly higher price point reflects the cost of sourcing and producing with natural fibers."

As for more expensive sheets? Those ones "often boast ultra-high thread counts, but a higher thread count," says Sun. Just note that "doesn't necessarily result in a better sheet." The expert says the ideal range for cotton and most fabrics is 300 to around 430. "Beyond this, additional thread count isn't worth the cost, as it's only achieved via creative manufacturing methods and won't provide a noticeable difference in feel or quality."

Ahead, we curated a list of eight top-selling choices that'll no doubt help you get a good night's sleep.

Our list includes everything from crisp and cool cotton choices to luxe linen sets that feel straight out of a Pinterest board. The best part about these picks: they're all customer favorites, so no matter which one you decide on, you know you're getting something good. Keep reading to shop our 10 favorites.

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