The 37 Best Gifts for the Ambitious, Successful Women in Your Life

The 37 Best Gifts for the Ambitious, Successful Women in Your Life

Whether she's that coworker who goes home after everyone else, that old classmate with an impressive new job, or your best friend, we all know a career-driven woman who could be showered with a little extra love and appreciation these days. Someone who fiercely strives for excellence and relentlessly pursues their goals, while inspiring us to do the same. If you can think of a professional woman in your life — or, hey, maybe you are that person — the upcoming holiday season is as good a time as any to splurge on some gifts for the professional woman that will help to express your admiration — and make her life a little easier in the process.

If you're looking for something that measures up to her brilliance, take a card out of her book: don't settle for anything less than the best. Her excellent taste (and upwardly mobile career) proves why she's a total boss, and you can nail the perfect present with the help of these quirky ideas. We've rounded up a few of the best gifts for working women that are as thoughtful as they are practical (and even cool!). Whether you're looking for gifts for business women who have it all, are shopping out a celebratory gift for her new job, or just need gifts for a young professional woman who is still acclimating to her industry, she'll adore these ideas. Get on her level, and shop the best gifts for your ambitious friends, ahead!

Looking for specific gifts for the professional woman in your life? Browse through the categories below:

Read on to shop our picks for the best gifts for working women — whether she's celebrating a new job, work anniversary, or is just a professional hustler worthy of some extra love this season.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano, Brinton Parker, and Shelcy Joseph

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