The Goop Gift Guides Are Filled With Cool, Brilliant, and Truly Over-the-Top Presents

The Goop Gift Guides Are Filled With Cool, Brilliant, and Truly Over-the-Top Presents

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Every year, the Goop gift guides never fail to provide an assortment of high-quality, over-the-top gift ideas. This year is no exception, and it might just be our favorite yet. There are so many fun finds, products we never knew existed, and some genuinely good gift ideas. While there are lots of picks that are so over the top, it's unbelievable, there are also a slew of products that are under $100, which we can definitely appreciate. Of all the Goop-approved gifts, these are the 50 we can't get out of our heads.

There are things like a stunning caviar set, a sweet personal necklace, a cool bike, and, when all else fails, of course some chocolate, too. Plus, this year, the Goop team thought of everyone and has hundreds of gifting options for the guys, kids, cooks, hosts, and lovers in your life. Keep reading to see these selections, and get shopping!

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Goop-Gift-Guide-Under-100-Esther-Perel-Where-Should-We-Begin-Game-Stories.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-Under-100-Esther-Perel-Where-Should-We-Begin-Game-Stories.jpg

Esther Perel Where Should We Begin — A Game of Stories

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-Under-100-Province-Apothecary-Reusable-Silicone-Sheet-Mask-For-Face-Eyes.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-Under-100-Province-Apothecary-Reusable-Silicone-Sheet-Mask-For-Face-Eyes.jpg

Province Apothecary Reusable Silicone Sheet Mask For Face + Eyes

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-Under-100-Goop-x-Social-Studies-Forged-Gold-Flatware-5-Piece-Set.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-Under-100-Goop-x-Social-Studies-Forged-Gold-Flatware-5-Piece-Set.jpg

Goop x Social Studies Forged Gold Flatware (5-Piece Set)

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-Under-100-Makanai-Skin-Jewel-Oil-Serum.jpg

This serum is literally good as gold. The Makanai Skin Jewel Oil Serum ($50) is filled with pure 24-karat gold-leaf flakes from Japan and meant to deliver antioxidants and hydration to the skin for a glowing complexion.


Makanai Skin Jewel Oil Serum

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-Under-100-Apparis-Melody-Slippers.jpg

You can never go wrong with gifting a great pair of slippers, and these Apparis Melody Slippers ($96) are so cozy and elegant. The shoes are made of faux fur that feels so luxurious and look like they should be triple the price.

Goop-Gift-Guide-Under-100-Apparis-Melody-Slippers.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Lovers-Goop-x-Heretic-This-Smells-Like-My-Vagina-Candle.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Lovers-Goop-x-Heretic-This-Smells-Like-My-Vagina-Candle.jpg

Goop x Heretic This Smells Like My Vagina Candle

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Lovers-Last-Crumb-Luxury-Cookie-Box.jpg

You know what people really love? Cookies. This Last Crumb Luxury Cookie Box ($150) is filled with 12 delicious cookies in flavor combinations they'll want to devour immediately.


Last Crumb Luxury Cookie Box

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Lovers-Jennifer-Fisher-Goop-Hoops.jpg

The present that most fills us with love is jewelry, and these Jennifer Fisher Goop Hoops ($200) are the perfect everyday earrings. They're the right size and shape for daily wear, but they feel so fancy.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Lovers-Jennifer-Fisher-Goop-Hoops.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Lovers-Kiki-de-Montparnasse-Massage-Oil-Candle.jpg

This Kiki de Montparnasse Massage Oil Candle ($75) is a gift that does double duty. You burn it like a regular candle, but it melts down into a massage oil you can use on your partner or yourself. Have fun!


Kiki de Montparnasse Massage Oil Candle

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Men-Taschen-Star-Wars-Archives-Vol-1-40th-Anniversary-Edition.webp Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Men-Taschen-Star-Wars-Archives-Vol-1-40th-Anniversary-Edition.webp

Taschen Star Wars Archives, Vol 1 — 40th Anniversary Edition

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Men-Salty-Home-Tide-Clocks.webp

If you know someone who's obsessed with surfing or loves being at the beach, the Salty Home Tide Clocks ($89) is the most amazing present. It will tell you when the tides are rising and falling, and there are options for the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, as well as Hawaii.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Men-Salty-Home-Tide-Clocks.webp Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Men-Noah-Marion-Brass-Bottle-Opener.jpg

This Noah Marion Brass Bottle Opener ($76) is so elegant, plus, it has no hard edges, so no one is in danger of cutting themselves and you can leave it out around kids without worrying.


Noah Marion Brass Bottle Opener

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Men-Cody-Foster-Co-Six-Pack-Ornament.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Men-Cody-Foster-Co-Six-Pack-Ornament.jpg

Cody Foster & Co. Six-Pack Ornament

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Men-Trova-Trova-GO-Portable-Biometric-Safe.jpg

If he is always traveling or wants to keep his valuables safe at the gym, this Trova Trova GO Portable Biometric Safe ($199) is a brilliant device. It looks totally unassuming and requires your smartphone to unlock, so he'll always feel safe and secure.


Trova Trova GO Portable Biometric Safe

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Wellness-Lovers-Brother-Vellies-Tennis-Balls.jpg

If they've become obsessed with playing tennis, they need these pink Brother Vellies Tennis Balls ($45) in their life. These are so fun and will make them really want to hit the ball.


Brother Vellies Tennis Balls

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Wellness-Lovers-Mahara-Human-Being-Journal.jpg

Journaling is such a great practice, and this Mahara The Human Being Journal ($48) allows them to create yearly goals in 10 core aspects of their life, then check in every month.


Mahara The Human Being Journal

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Wellness-Lovers-POJ-Studio-DIY-Incense-Kit.webp

If they're big fans of incense, this POJ Studio DIY Incense Kit ($52) is such an awesome gift. Now, they can make their own incense, and they'll love mixing their own scents.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Wellness-Lovers-POJ-Studio-DIY-Incense-Kit.webp Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Wellness-Lovers-Jolie-Filtered-Showerhead.jpg

If they're very into clean beauty, this Jolie Filtered Showerhead ($165) is the present they didn't know they needed. It removes contaminants, heavy metals, and other chemicals from shower water, and they'll feel like they got a better shower overnight.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Wellness-Lovers-Jolie-Filtered-Showerhead.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Wellness-Lovers-HigherDOSE-V4-Sauna-Blanket-Bundle.jpg

This HigherDOSE V4 Sauna Blanket Bundle ($655) is the ultimate gift for a wellness fan. If they don't have the space, or budget, to install a full sauna in their home, consider this the next best thing. It'll give them a great sweat, and it's something they'll be ecstatic to have.


HigherDOSE V4 Sauna Blanket Bundle

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Person-Who-Has-Everything-Fresh-Sends-Send.webp

This Fresh Sends The Send ($64) changes daily, so they'll get the freshest possible flowers. If someone you know is obsessed with flowers, this is a gift they'll always be thankful for.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Person-Who-Has-Everything-Fresh-Sends-Send.webp Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Person-Who-Has-Everything-Milne-Watson-Jewellery-One-Necklace.jpg

If you want to tell someone how you feel about them, this Milne Watson Jewellery "The One" Necklace ($134) is a not-so-subtle statement. The love of your life will love this, but you could also totally buy this for yourself.


Milne Watson Jewellery "The One" Necklace

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Person-Who-Has-Everything-GHD-Hair-Platinum-Styler-1-Flat-Iron.jpg

If they're a hair enthusiast, they need this limited-edition champagne-colored GHD Hair Platinum+ Styler 1" Flat Iron ($279). It's meant to reach its optimal temperature in a whopping 20 seconds.


GHD Hair Platinum+ Styler 1" Flat Iron

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Person-Who-Has-Everything-G-Label-Balenger-Diamond-Bar-Earring.jpg

Diamonds are everyone's best friend, and this G Label Balenger Diamond Bar Earring ($525) is a very good gift. This is for the special person in your life, and they're going to wear it every single day.


G Label Balenger Diamond Bar Earring

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Person-Who-Has-Everything-Lyma-Laser-Starter-Kit.webp

The Lyma Laser Starter Kit ($2,700) is something that everyone's been raving about. Previously only available in the UK, it's now a Goop exclusive in the US, and if they're a serious beauty aficionado, they're going to be obsessed. It's an at-home laser device, and they use it for just five minutes a day, but the results are mind-blowing.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Person-Who-Has-Everything-Lyma-Laser-Starter-Kit.webp Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Travelers-Otis-Batterbee-Carry-On-Toiletries-Case.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Travelers-Otis-Batterbee-Carry-On-Toiletries-Case.jpg

Otis Batterbee Carry-On Toiletries Case

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Travelers-Crown-Affair-Mini-Shampoo-Conditioner-Oil-Set.jpg

If they're always traveling, the different waters and products can take a toll on their hair. That's why we'd be so happy to receive this Crown Affair The Mini Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil Set ($60). It's elegant, and it contains shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil, so they'll have everything they need for a good hair day.


Crown Affair The Mini Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil Set

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Travelers-She-Birdie-Birdie-Personal-Safety-Alarm.webp

If they are traveling solo or just want to feel safer as they walk around, this She's Birdie Birdie+ Personal Safety Alarm ($40) is a brilliant device. It can alert their contacts of their location, sound a high-pitched alarm, or even dial a representative to stay on the phone with them until they reach their desired location.


She's Birdie Birdie+ Personal Safety Alarm

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Travelers-Noah-Marion-Passport-Journal.jpg

This beautiful Noah Marion Passport Journal ($148) was handmade in Austin, TX, and comes with a lined notebook as well as a place for their passport, so they can take notes and write down thoughts on their journey.


Noah Marion Passport Journal

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Travelers-Ries-Gym-Set.jpg

This Ries The Gym Set ($54) is a brilliant gift for travelers. It allows people to take their favorite toiletries with them in small, leak-proof, TSA-friendly containers that are supremely chic.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Travelers-Ries-Gym-Set.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Cooks-Proxies-Nonalcoholic-Wine-Tasting-Set.jpg

If you want a great nonalcoholic wine, this Proxies Nonalcoholic Wine Tasting Set ($94) is a lovely gift. This four-pack includes two whites, a rosé, and a red, so it's a great dinner-party present or holiday gift for someone who doesn't drink, or even someone who does.


Proxies Nonalcoholic Wine Tasting Set

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Cooks-Baroncini-Import-Co-Sicilian-Extra-Virgin-Olive-Oil.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Cooks-Baroncini-Import-Co-Sicilian-Extra-Virgin-Olive-Oil.jpg

Baroncini Import & Co. Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Cooks-Haven-Kitchen-Cook-Happy-Pack.webp

Sauce is a cooking essential and can take the flavor of the most basic dish to the next level. This Haven's Kitchen Cook Happy Pack ($69) comes with eight sauces that are so flavorful and so easy to add to everything from meat to vegetables and grains.


Haven's Kitchen Cook Happy Pack



Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Cooks-Our-Place-Ovenware-Set.webp

We are big fans of Our Place and love the newest addition from the brand, the Our Place Ovenware Set ($195). This set comes with an oven pan, an oven mat, and three baking dishes, making it perfect for all those holiday meals.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Cooks-Our-Place-Ovenware-Set.webp Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Cooks-Atelier-Saucier-Hypnotic-Dinner-Napkins-Set-4.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Cooks-Atelier-Saucier-Hypnotic-Dinner-Napkins-Set-4.jpg

Atelier Saucier The Hypnotic Dinner Napkins, Set of 4

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Over--Top-Gifts-Shavs-Paper-Custom-Wrapping-Paper.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Over--Top-Gifts-Shavs-Paper-Custom-Wrapping-Paper.jpg

Shavs Paper Custom Wrapping Paper

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Over--Top-Gifts-Song-Soul.jpg

This Song of The Soul ($225) is one of the most thoughtful gifts imaginable. If you know the date and time of their birth, they'll receive a personalized 12-minute composition based on their unique planetary alignment. That's pretty cool, if you ask us.


Song of The Soul



Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Over--Top-Gifts-Magic-Ink.jpg

If you know someone who's always thinking about maybe getting a tattoo, get them this Magic Ink ($100). It's rewritable tattoo ink, so if they want to change the spelling or name of one of their tattoos, now they can.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Over--Top-Gifts-Magic-Ink.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Over--Top-Gifts-Gucci-SmallMedium-Pet-Leash.jpg

If you're a pet parent, you want to treat your fur baby to the best life has to offer, and that's this Gucci Small/Medium Pet Leash ($410). Yes, it's fancy, and yes, it's amazing.


Gucci Small/Medium Pet Leash

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Over--Top-Gifts-Raindrop-Cake-Kit.jpg

Yes, that clear bubble is actually a cake, and you can make it on your own with this Raindrop Cake Kit ($50). It makes for the coolest gift and won't break the budget doing so.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Over--Top-Gifts-Raindrop-Cake-Kit.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Kids-Commiskids-Dim-Sum-Play-Dough-Activity-Kit.webp Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Kids-Commiskids-Dim-Sum-Play-Dough-Activity-Kit.webp

Commiskids Dim Sum Play Dough Activity Kit

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Kids-Choose-Friendship-My-Friendship-Bracelet-Maker.webp Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Kids-Choose-Friendship-My-Friendship-Bracelet-Maker.webp

Choose Friendship My Friendship Bracelet Maker

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Kids-Super-Smalls-Best-Friends-Forever-Bundle.webp

Give them the gift of bling with this cool Super Smalls Best Friends Forever Bundle ($139, originally $155). It comes with two mood rings, two star necklaces, two sets of shoelace charms, and two sets of sticker and charm books, so they can share everything with a friend or sibling.


Super Smalls Best Friends Forever Bundle

$139 from

$155 $139 Now 10% off


Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Kids-Meri-Meri-Flower-Cape.jpg

How adorable is this Meri Meri Flower Cape ($68)? They'll want to wear it every single day, and honestly, we want to wear it, too. Does it come in adult sizes?

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Kids-Meri-Meri-Flower-Cape.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Kids-Linus-Lil-Dutchi-16.jpg

If you're looking to really spoil the little one in your life, this Linus Lil' Dutchi 16" ($369) is the way to do it. It also comes in pink, and the training wheels can be removed.

Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Kids-Linus-Lil-Dutchi-16.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Hosts-Clementina-Sketchbook-Hand-Painted-Stationery-Set-10.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Hosts-Clementina-Sketchbook-Hand-Painted-Stationery-Set-10.jpg

Clementina Sketchbook Hand-Painted Stationery, Set of 10

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Hosts-Roe-Caviar-White-Sturgeon-Caviar-Gift-Set.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Hosts-Roe-Caviar-White-Sturgeon-Caviar-Gift-Set.jpg

Roe Caviar White Sturgeon Caviar Gift Set

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Hosts-Spring-Mulberry-Discovery-Collection.jpg Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Hosts-Spring-Mulberry-Discovery-Collection.jpg

Spring & Mulberry Discovery Collection

Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Hosts-Helen-Wines-Fusilli-Palace-Gift-Box.webp

Ok, this Helen's Wines Fusilli Palace Gift Box ($140) is a major gift. If you've ever been to the restaurant Jon & Vinny's in Los Angeles and had its spicy fusilli vodka pasta, this gift basket actually includes the recipe, as well as the ingredients to make it, a bottle of wine, and a kitchen towel. This gift is worth its weight in gold.


Helen's Wines Fusilli Palace Gift Box



Buy Now Goop-Gift-Guide-For-Hosts-Avaline-Holiday-Collection-Set.webp

You know what hosts love? Wine. You know what they really love? Organic wine. This Avaline The Holiday Collection Set ($175) is a major present. It includes six different organic varietals from around the world, and spoiler: they're all delicious.


Avaline The Holiday Collection Set



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