These $20-and-Under Bathroom Finds Are Going to Rock Your World

These $20-and-Under Bathroom Finds Are Going to Rock Your World

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.


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For as much as we do in our bathroom — take a shower, dry our hair, do our makeup, for starters — most of us don't put a lot of thought into the items we fill it with. Make no mistake, we really care about our skin-care collection and a cute shower curtain. But otherwise? Our bathroom's style tends take a backseat to the more glamorous rooms of our home. (I mean, haven't we all prioritized our kitchen and living room?)

Turns out, choosing the right bathroom accessories can make your space cuter and more functional. And, to make good news even better, you can upgrade your bathroom without blowing your budget. Want proof? Check out these game-changing bathroom finds, all of which can be added to your Target cart for $20 or less.


If you think you can use any old towel to wipe down your bathroom, you clearly haven't been introduced to these Casabella Infuse Bathroom Microfiber Cloths ($5). Made with an ultra-plush (and super-absorbent!) microfiber, this cloth offers a streak-free, scratch-free way to clean your sink, faucet, and knobs.


Casabella Infuse Bathroom Microfiber Cloths

Buy Now Declog-Those-Drains-Clorox-Drain-Stick.jpg

Speaking of sinks, everyone has a clogged drain every now and then. Decked out with tiny spikes, this Clorox Drain Stick ($5) will catch loose hair strands and grime with ease. Sure, declogging your drain is slightly cringe-worthy, but this pick makes it oh-so-satisfying, too.

Declog-Those-Drains-Clorox-Drain-Stick.jpg Small-Space-Game-Changer-Room-Essentials-Suction-Toothbrush-Holder.jpg

We know brushing your teeth twice a day is non-negotiable, but your brush's holder can take up a lot of space. Thanks to this Room Essentials Suction Toothbrush Holder ($4) you can have your toothbrush readily available — and free up some precious counter space in the process. (Trust us, this is a must for small-space dwellers.)


Room Essentials Suction Toothbrush Holder

Buy Now Streak-Free-Shower-Room-Essentials-Squeegee.jpg

Anyone whose shower has a glass door will find a lot to love about this Room Essentials Squeegee ($8). This affordable find will make your bathroom look like it belongs in a five-star hotel, plus you can conveniently hang it in your shower for easy access.

Streak-Free-Shower-Room-Essentials-Squeegee.jpg Serene-Soak-Bath-Bliss-Spa-Foam-Bath-Pillow.jpg

Make your self-care baths even more relaxing with this Bath Bliss Spa Foam Bath Pillow ($9). The plush pillow has a suction cup in the back, so you won't have to worry about it plopping into the water mid-soak. Talk about those spa vibes!


Bath Bliss Spa Foam Bath Pillow

Buy Now Wrap-Away-Room-Essentials-Bath-Body-Wrap.jpg

Think of this Room Essentials Bath Body Wrap ($10) as a happy medium between wearing a robe and wrapping a towel around your body. The magic lies in its velcro closure, which gives you a hands-free way to dry off. (Psst . . . you can learn more about this popular pick here.)


Room Essentials Bath Body Wrap

Buy Now Hair-Must-Have-Room-Essentials-2pk-Bath-Hair-Wrap-Set.jpg Hair-Must-Have-Room-Essentials-2pk-Bath-Hair-Wrap-Set.jpg

Room Essentials 2pk Bath Hair Wrap Set

Buy Now Cover-Me-Slipx-Solutions-Overflow-Drain-Cover.jpg

Bath time is all fun and games until you accidentally put too much water in your tub. Don't worry: this Slipx Solutions Overflow Drain Cover ($11, originally $13) will keep overflows at bay. (That way you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your fave bath salts.)


Slipx Solutions Overflow Drain Cover

Buy Now Hot-Tool-Haven-mDesign-Over-Cabinet-Door-Hair-Care-Styling-Tool-Storage-Basket.jpg Hot-Tool-Haven-mDesign-Over-Cabinet-Door-Hair-Care-Styling-Tool-Storage-Basket.jpg

mDesign Over Cabinet Door Hair Care & Styling Tool Storage Basket

Buy Now Shower-Storage-Room-Essentials-Shower-Liner-With-Pockets.jpg

Looking for another way to increase your storage? Pick up this Room Essentials Shower Liner With Pockets ($12, originally $15). The pockets offer plenty of room for your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash — without succumbing to the archaic shower caddy.


Room Essentials Shower Liner With Pockets

Buy Now Zoom-In-DBTech-Suction-Cup-10x-Magnifying-Mirror.jpg

This DBTech Suction Cup 10x Magnifying Mirror ($15) can fit nicely on your bathroom mirror, so you can get up close and personal with your pores. Plucking your eyebrows and popping those pesky whiteheads just got a lot easier.


DBTech Suction Cup 10x Magnifying Mirror

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