These Taper-Candle Holders Are True Works of Art

These Taper-Candle Holders Are True Works of Art

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Regardless of the furniture or the space itself, it's the small trinkets and accessories that make our homes feel homey, and taper-candle holders give off that "welcome home" vibe that makes us want to cozy up and unwind with a glass of red wine. The decorative candle holders double as little works of art and look extra fun with a unique candlestick placed inside. From brass to wood to glass and even ceramic candle holders, there are so many out-of-the-box displays for taper and pillar candles that will catch your (and your guests') eye. The prices for modern candle holders typically range from double digits to even hundreds of dollars, so we sought out our favorites that fall into every price category — a candle holder for everyone! If you're on the hunt for a small accessory that will elevate your home's aesthetic, take a look at the candlestick holders and candelabras ahead.


The Ceramic Candlestick ($18) can hold two candles and acts a neutral accent that blends in seamlessly wherever it rests.

Two-For-One-Ceramic-Candlestick-Holder.jpg For-Minimalist-Asha-Taper-Candle-Holder.jpg

The Asha Taper Holder ($35) is neutral and light and boasts a unique design that adds a small but mighty touch of visual interest to a space.

For-Minimalist-Asha-Taper-Candle-Holder.jpg Keep-It-Colorful-Paddywax-Glass-Taper-Candle-Holder.webp Keep-It-Colorful-Paddywax-Glass-Taper-Candle-Holder.webp

Paddywax Glass Taper Candle Holder

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The playful design of the Lula Taper Candle Holder ($12) fits perfectly with the ever-trendy curvy decor aesthetic but somehow never gets old.

Unique-Holder-Lula-Taper-Candle-Holder.jpg Pretty-Pink-Paradiso-Glass-Taper-Holder.jpg

The pale-pink Paradiso Glass Taper Holder ($20) is subtle enough to blend in with your other decor while still acting as a gorgeous statement piece.


Paradiso Glass Taper Holder

Buy Now Brass-Finish-Simple-Candle-Holder.webp

Inspired by early American industrial smokestacks, this brass Simple Candle Holder ($35) is just plain cool. It comes in three sizes, so feel free to mix and match levels.

Brass-Finish-Simple-Candle-Holder.webp For-Glitz-Glamour-Colette-Taper-Candle-Holder.jpg For-Glitz-Glamour-Colette-Taper-Candle-Holder.jpg

Colette Taper Candle Holder

Buy Now For-Natural-Aesthetic-Anna-Spiro-Wooden-Taper-Candle-Holder.webp For-Natural-Aesthetic-Anna-Spiro-Wooden-Taper-Candle-Holder.webp

Anna Spiro Wooden Taper Candle Holder

Buy Now Statement-Piece-Tom-Dixon-Beige-Swirl-Recycled-Marble-Candelabra.png Statement-Piece-Tom-Dixon-Beige-Swirl-Recycled-Marble-Candelabra.png

Tom Dixon Beige Swirl Recycled Marble Candelabra

Buy Now Colorful-Addition-Abstract-Glass-Candlestick-Holders.webp Colorful-Addition-Abstract-Glass-Candlestick-Holders.webp

Colorful Abstract Glass Candlestick Holders

Buy Now For-Standout-Piece-Mid-Century-Nordic-Scandi-Style-Candleholder-Sets.jpg For-Standout-Piece-Mid-Century-Nordic-Scandi-Style-Candleholder-Sets.jpg

Mid Century Nordic Scandi Style Candleholder Sets

Buy Now Blue-Beautiful-Indigo-Blue-Bubble-Glass-Candlestick-Holders.jpg Blue-Beautiful-Indigo-Blue-Bubble-Glass-Candlestick-Holders.jpg

Indigo Blue Bubble Glass Candlestick Holders

Buy Now Modern-Candelabra-Virginia-Sin-Collection-Weylyn-Candelabra.jpg Modern-Candelabra-Virginia-Sin-Collection-Weylyn-Candelabra.jpg

Virginia Sin Collection Weylyn Candelabra

Buy Now For-Natural-Aesthetic-Santa-Fe-Taper-Candle-Holder.webp For-Natural-Aesthetic-Santa-Fe-Taper-Candle-Holder.webp

Santa Fe Taper Candle Holder

Buy Now For-Unique-Vibe-Wood-Candle-Holder.webp

The gorgeous aesthetic of the Wood Candle Holder ($82) combines a natural wood grain with a more modern, wavy silhouette for a versatile candle holder that works across decor vibes.

For-Unique-Vibe-Wood-Candle-Holder.webp For-Touch-Contrast-Black-Abstract-Glass-Candlestick-Holders.webp For-Touch-Contrast-Black-Abstract-Glass-Candlestick-Holders.webp

Black Abstract Glass Candlestick Holders

Buy Now Trifecta-Set-3-Donut-Ceramic-Candle-Holders.webp Trifecta-Set-3-Donut-Ceramic-Candle-Holders.webp

Set of 3 Donut Ceramic Candle Holders

Buy Now Scandinavian-Style-Holder-Nordic-Style-Ceramic-Candle-Holder.webp Scandinavian-Style-Holder-Nordic-Style-Ceramic-Candle-Holder.webp

Nordic Style Ceramic Candle Holder

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